Heavenly Demon, Chapter Nine

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Heavenly Demon, Chapter Nine

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Heavenly Demon is a fifteen-chapter novel by RCM staffer Kolemsai.

Laxidan remained calm. His stoic demeanor made me feel even more like a child. “The magic you wield is different than what I know, yet similar enough to teach you control.”

“Does this make me evil?”

“No. The magic itself is a neutral force.” I don't think he needed to read my mind to see that I was confused.

“Demons are evil creatures. We are born of evil, and we die evil.” His face darkened with each word. He paused again, and looked back at me, sadness gone from his face. “As long as you do not use magic for evil, you will remain clean of it.”

That was a relief. I sighed audibly making Laxidan smile.

“So what can I do with magic?”

“Well, that depends. There are four types of magic that we can use. To put in mortal words, they are Charm, Destruction, Conjuration and Illusion. Each type of demon can use two of them. Succubi, for example, can use Illusion and Charm. Pit Fiends can use Destruction and Conjuration. Although we can use two of the four magics, we can only use one at a time. So if a Succubus is Charming you, she can't use her Illusion magic.” He paused. “First we need to find out what kind of demon you are, so to speak.”

I stood up with Laxidan, confused but trusting the demon. This was way too much for me, what did all the stuff mean? I almost waited for Laxidan to reply, yet he remained silent. He must be keeping his promise.

“First, you need to be able to channel the raw magic.”

“I have no idea how to do that,” I admitted.

“Honestly, I do not know how you do it either. To fuel magic, a demon needs souls.” Laxidan's body started glowing red as small symbols filled his skin like one giant tattoo. “Each one of these symbols is a mortal soul I have in my possession.”

There were thousands of symbols! It was horrifying to know that this being, whom I was beginning to trust, had ended so many lives.

“As I said before, Devin Anson, you were correct to think of me as monster.” The glowing stopped as his body returned to normal.

“Where did you get them all?”

Laxidan looked troubled, yet he answered. “I have been an agent of hell for longer than humans have existed. I have walked among them in every civilization, in every age. I have killed Kings and been the destroyer of entire cities, yet every soul I have is Pure.”

“Pure? Does that mean the person was good?” I hoped it didn't, the thought of some of those souls being evil made it much easier to stomach.

“No. There are three types of souls that we collect. 'Inactive' are the souls of people that are already deceased, and are going to hell anyway. 'Active' souls are of people that are still living. If a person 'sells their soul' for something, then we acquire it. 'Pure' souls, however, are the most prized. Instead of giving up their own soul, mortals sometimes give up the soul of an unborn child. These are the most powerful, and the most sought after. So, you see, I am a monster. I have thousands of souls of people who never got them.”

It was haunting, and unsettling, to know that humans, living or dead, fueled this magic. It made me not want to have anything to do with it.

“But you, Devin,” Laxidan continued, “you seem to use your own soul, which is probably why it is so painful for you to use it.”

That made me worried. What if I used it all? Would I die? Would it come back?

“What happens if I use it all?” I voiced aloud, confident that he was no longer reading my mind.

“I don't think that would be possible. Your soul will regenerate while you are alive. Only inactive souls can be fully depleted. However, this is new to both of us. I do not know what would happen. Let us just assume that it is possible. I do not believe either one of us wants you to die.”

Well that was reassuring, I suppose.

“Now then, let us find out what magics you can use. First, you need to gather your soul. What did you feel when you repelled the succubus?”

“I was scared. I thought she was going to kill me.”

“Did you feel anything in your body change?”

“Other than the pain? No, I don't think so. I don't remember clearly to be honest.”

“We will just have to see then,” Laxidan replied as he pondered. “I am going to dominate your mind, and make you walk out of this room. Try to resist me, and when you do, pay attention to your body.”

I shrugged and immediately felt the tentacles on my brain. I imagined pushing them back while trying to pay attention to my body at the same time. Nothing happened. My body turned around and started for the door on it's own. I kept pushing with all of my willpower. Again, nothing happened as I stepped through the doorway. The mental assault stopped, and I walked back to the demon.

“Why did you not stop me?” It must have been frustrating to the demon to not be able to read my mind, and I commended him for his faithfulness.

“I tried,” I replied as I sat on the floor. “But nothing happened.”

“What was different about this time?”

“I don't know,” I said as I thought about it. “I guess I'm starting to trust you, because I knew I was in no real danger.”

The demon cracked a beautiful smile. Laxidan was no ordinary demon.

“Well then, I will have to do something else.” He sat in front of me, his chains rattling as he settled. We sat in silence for a while before the demon spoke again.

“Devin, may I have your permission to read your mind?” He said it awkwardly, like he had never had to ask permission for anything in his life.

The thought of a demon in my mind still made me uneasy, but if I ever wanted to control this power and protect myself from demons, I had to trust this one. I finally nodded, he smiled and nodded back in thanks. He sat still in front of me, I didn't feel anything, there were no invisible tentacles or tingling feelings, as if nothing out of the ordinary were happening.

“I will try again Devin. Only this time, I will erase your memories of Alyssa Jones if you do not stop me.”

My eyes went wide in terror. No! I can't lose those, if I did I wouldn't love her anymore!

“Please.” I begged as tears filled my eyes.

“I am sorry Devin, but this is the only way I can help you. I refuse to harm you. I do not wish to do this either however I see no other option. It seems that you need to feel threatened in order to be able to channel magic.”

I swallowed. They would be gone if I didn't stop him. I had to do this!

“Forgive me,” the demon whispered as he closed his eyes. Immediately I felt the invisible tentacles massage my brain, searching for my memories.

I tried to grab them as I had before, again nothing was working. I pushed, still nothing. The tentacles still ran across my mind slowly, as if Laxidan was giving me every chance to stop him. When I couldn't resist, one of the tentacles plunged into my brain. It didn't hurt, but it shocked me the same as if I had been shoved unexpectedly from behind.

I started to panic as I could feel it dive deeper into my mind. Nothing I did was even slowing Laxidan's assault. Then her image filled my mind. Alyssa's beautiful face smiled at me. The warm touch of her on my arm, the sound of her voice in my ears, the smell of her perfume enveloped me.

“I am sorry, Devin Anson,” Laxidan mumbled as the memories began to warp like a quiet pond disrupted by a thrown rock. The vision of her face wobbled like a bent mirror, her touch seemed to fade.

“No!” I screamed as the pain seared into my chest. I would not lose her! I tried to ignore the pain and focus. It felt like a river of sludge was flowing toward my heart, hellbent on destruction. I imagined a pair of hands, identical to the ones I used against the succubus, and the stuff reluctantly formed into it and latched onto the invading tentacles. I willed it to pull as hard as I could, and it obeyed hesitantly, freeing my mind from the mental assault. I threw Laxidan's fingers away, ready for it to be over.

“Hold on to it Devin,” the demon exclaimed. “Do not let it go yet!”

I obeyed, clenching my teeth through the pain. I could feel the soft stuff flow through my body. It was a weird sensation, yet it felt weirdly natural, like actually feeling the blood flow through my veins.

“That, which you are feeling right now, is your soul,” Laxidan explained. “being controlled by your ability to control magic. This is the fuel that you will use to manipulate it. By itself the soul is dormant, like a cloud. It is as much a part of you as your blood is, yet most mortals will never know what it actually feels like.

“It does act strange though. I have never seen it rush like that on it's own. I feel you struggling to control it; I do not wish to find out what would happen if you ceased to try.”

It was amazing. I felt more complete, like I was only half a person before. I never wanted to let it go.

“Lift up your shirt and look at your chest.”

I did, and in the middle of my chest was a symbol glowing red, one not unlike those that covered Laxidan's body, yet entirely different. The ones on the demon's body couldn't be much bigger than a silver dollar; this one was the size of a hockey puck. His were detailed and intricate, like some sort of ancient writing similar to Chinese; mine looked like the beginning of some tribal tattoo.

“That is your soul's mark. Similar to your fingerprints, your soul has a unique mark. No two are alike.”

It really was fascinating. I could tell this was not meant for mortals, just the feeling of my soul flowing through my body told me that.

“Let it go.”

The pain stopped as I released my firm grip on the magic, yet I could still feel my soul flowing like a lazy river, compared to the raging torrent it was before. “Why can I still feel it?” I thought it would have left my body when I let go of the magic.

“Your soul is always there, you are simply aware of it now. My guess is when you channeled magic before, you were too distracted to actually feel it. Now that you have, you will always feel it. And, I suspect, it will be easier for you to use it to channel magic again.”

He was right, just by thinking about it I could direct what direction my soul flowed in my body, struggling against it's sudden torrent toward my heart. As soon as I tried this, my chest began to burn, yet it felt as natural as moving my arm.

“We already know you can use Charm.”

I shot the demon a puzzled look.

“When you defended against my attack, you used Charm magic.”

“How do I use different magic?”

“There is no different way to channel it, no matter what you are doing. Direct it to a part of your body that makes sense; if you want to crush a rock, and are proficient with Destruction magic, channel it to your hands and imagine that you are crushing a rock inside of your hand. If you try to use your magic to do something you are not proficient with, it simply will not work. For example,” he continued as he stood up. His body began to cover itself in glowing symbols. “I can channel magic to conjure a bucket of water, but it will not appear.” He raised his arm, and I could see his body strain, but nothing happened.

The symbols on his body faded as he turned back to me. “Now, let us move on shall we?” He held out a hand to help me up. I took it, noticing how human he felt. Human skin, human strength, it was very deceptive. The only difference was how warm his hand was, like he was running a fever.

“We will try Destruction next.” The demon casually lifted his hand, and his body glowed as a small ball of fire erupted from his hand and slammed into the wall, spraying dust and rocks everywhere and causing me to cover my face. I looked at the wall after the dust settled, and there was a sizable crater roughly the size of a small window.

“Now you try.”

I concentrated, trying to gather up my soul. My chest began to hurt as I raised my hands in front of me like I was holding a basketball. I forced my soul to my hands; the calm stream was now a raging river struggling against my will. I tried to make a ball similar to Laxidan's, and when I did something started to glow in my hands. As soon as I saw the glowing white and red “ball”, I shot it toward the wall.

It launched like it was shot out of a cannon. The crash was not as big as the demon's, but it was still enough for me to cover my face. The crater wasn't as big either, about the size of a basketball, and just as deep.

“Very good Devin.” He seemed pleased as he inspected the wall. “There are very few demons that can do one as big on their first try.”

I smiled in spite of myself. This was truly an experience that I wished others could share, and to hear that I was good at it made it better. There were not many physical activities that I excelled at. I began to feel tired though, and extremely thirsty. I sat down and sighed, wishing for a glass of water.

I wonder...

I gathered my soul, feeling it rampage through my body as the pain filled my chest, causing me to wince. Laxidan looked over at me as I channeled the magic to my hand. I imagined a cool glass of ice water. I pictured it as perfectly as I could in my mind. The crystal clear glass with bubbles of condensation dripping down the sides. I thought about the water filling it up near the top, the ice cubes tinging slightly against the glass as they floated, cooling the water to a temperature that would be deliciously refreshing.

In the air before me appeared the glass of ice water, just as I imagined. It immediately fell to the ground, shattering the glass and spraying water in all different directions on the ground. I couldn't help but laugh.

“I guess I should have imagined it in my hand, huh.” I looked to Laxidan, his eyes were wide in shock. “What's wrong?”

“It seems that you break ALL of the rules, Devin Anson. No being, aside from the Nine Lords can wield more than two types of magic, except for you.”

I smiled, fighting my body's desire to pass out. I couldn't yet, I wanted to keep going.

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