Baron's Blitz: 2015

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Baron's Blitz: 2015

Postby Baron von Gosu » Thu Dec 24, 2015 4:17 am


In a long tradition of avoiding end of the year blogs, I thought I would try to break my silence and write for the first time in a long time. This year I turned 33, a big number far beyond what I expected to reach growing up. It's funny because I rarely think of myself as an adult. It's only when I look in the mirror and see how my features have aged and realize this is how the world sees me that reality comes crashing down. I'm not old by any means, but I am fairly certain I am well on my way to a new period/chapter of life.

I used to write all the time about longing for the past. Memories of child hood, successes, and failures- they all tend to flow together in a pool of nostalgia so deep with revisionist history it's a wonder how I haven't drown in my own soap opera-ish b.s. The truth is I was miserable as a kid. Even more so as a teenager. I was lonely, self conscious (1), and quick to anger to name off just a few of my many flaws. Looking back now at 33, I wouldn't trade where I'm at now for any of that. For all the broken hearts, disappointments, and (especially) the lack of freedom, there's nothing I find myself interested in revisiting anymore. I like being an adult adulting around with adultish wisdom. It's like discovering a new character class unlocked in the game of life at level 33 you never realized you had already been specializing. That's my geekly reference for this post.

I know I sound like I'm babbling, but for me blogs are only as enjoyable and useful when shot from the hip from a loaded heart. 2015 was an odd year for me, but mostly good for the parts that matter. As much as I rage against the world and pine for a career where I experience fulfillment, I can honestly say thursdays, fridays, and sundays are the days of the week I live for. Those are the days I go on the air and interact with a community we've all worked to cultivate and grow for the past three years. I can't help but feel so much pride in what we've done and where we're going. I can't wait to see what crazy events we'll bring for 2016.

Yes, yes, I know. Insert typical self congratualing and shameless name dropping/promotion of events here, and all that. I guess to sum up differently, thank you RCM Staff, crew, and most importantly those of you who've discovered us through our many shows and activities. Thank you for letting us simultaneously entertain you and follow our passions.

Until next time dear reader,



(1): I would've loved to have seen teenage Baron's reaction to my cross dress stream. Then again, how mind blowing would it be for young Baron to learn he gets more crap for allegedly killing a digital wolf instead of stuffing a fake bra and putting on a dress and wig while broadcasting to the world?
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