Orbfest 2015 Ghost Hunt welcomes you to Brinton Lodge

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Orbfest 2015 Ghost Hunt welcomes you to Brinton Lodge

Postby Baron von Gosu » Sun Jun 21, 2015 12:48 pm

On June 25, 2015 we will be heading out for our second live paranormal ghost hunt at the Brinton Lodge in Douglasville, Pennsylvania. Brinton Lodge is a nonprofit historic site whose history begins in the 1700’s. Once nothing more than a tiny farm house built by the Millard family, it has since been renovated over the years into a 28 room mansion with three floors and a large basement. During that time the building had several owners who used it either as a private residence or as several different businesses. Until recently, the Lodge operated as Covatta's Brinton Lodge Restaurant.

One of the most known stories was written in the book, ‘Ghost stories of Berks County Book One’ by Charles J. Adams III. He recounts the story of Caleb Brinton, a rather snooty fellow who bought the building in 1927 and opened a very exclusive, very secret gentlemen’s club for the county’s elite. Those who attended are scarcely known, and the extent of secrecy Caleb was willing to go to even included hiding the guests’ automobiles in a nearby barn built on the premises.

In 1972 there was a flood that destroyed much of the downstairs of the building. Allegedly Caleb was so distraught of the damage that he never re-opened the lodge. Caleb died 3 years later in 1975.

Afterward the building became the property of a friend and confidante of Brinton, a woman who limited her occupancy only to the first floor. She was believed to be a reclusive woman who, when combined with Caleb’s mysterious gentlemen’s club and the great flood, began to truly fuel speculation of the building being haunted.

In 1976 the building was purchased by yet new owners who immediately started renovating the building into a restaurant. Shortly near its completion, a chef and other staff members recalled stories of lights turning themselves on and off in the downstairs area, cold spots in the upper bedrooms, and feelings of being watched.

The Lodge has been recognized as one of Pennsylvania's 10 most haunted houses, and mediums and psychics have identified at least five ghosts haunting this grand mansion.

It is believed that Caleb Brinton is the main ghost haunting the restaurant and downstairs area. Adams believes it is because Caleb is not thrilled with the idea of a business being open to the public, allowing commoner filth to grace his once proud establishment where only the elite were allowed entry. He comes to this conclusion based on the testimony of psychics who’ve visited the property over the years and recounted tales of the curmudgeonly Caleb still wondering the halls of the building. However, Caleb is not the only alleged spirit in residence.

Adams also writes about a man named Nichols or Nicholson, Jacob, Theodore, Elizabeth, and Gray. A well-known psychic named Don Galloway supposedly discovered through his visions that the building was once part of the Underground Railroad, a former gardener hung himself in the basement, and that there is a body buried in an unmarked grave somewhere on the property.

On the upper floors Galloway allegedly felt frequent cold spots and a sense of strong malevolence. Room #200 on the second floor was especially a hot spot for strong negative feelings. More specifically, Galloway explained it was from some sort of friction between two entities, a man and a woman. He wasn’t able to officially ascertain what their relationship meant or what it had been.

All in all, Brinton Lodge has a sordid history ranging from heart ache to possible paranoia, pitting the elite of a time period against the throes of commonality now come to gaze at the bones of history. As for myself, Baroness, and the rest of our team heading into the halls of Brinton Lodge, we’re not going to take some psychic’s word for the tales of Brinton Lodge. Instead armed with the best equipment we could gather and the curiosity of history buffs and investigators, we’re going to search for the truth of Brinton Lodge and its ghostly residents. And hopefully have some compelling evidence of our adventure to bring back to you, dear reader. For as great as the written and oral word are, in my experience, show always beats tell.

Until next time, dear reader…

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