Prot Warrior BRF BiS

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Prot Warrior BRF BiS

Postby kolemsai » Tue Feb 03, 2015 11:35 am

[url]]Equipment Set[/url]

Here is where they drop:

Helm: Kromog (Heroic Acquired)
Neck: Bestlord Darmac (Heroic Acquired)
Shoulder: Operator Thogar (Heroic Acquired)
Back: Oregorger
Chest: Flamebender Ka'graz (Heroic Acquired)
Bracer: Gruul
Gloves: Iron Maidens
Belt: Iron Maidens
Legs: Blast Furnace
Boots: Random Drop (Heroic Warforged Acquired)
Ring 1: Hans & Franz
Ring 2: Legendary Quest
Trink 1: Blast Furnace
Trink 2: Hans & Franz
Weapon: Kromog (Heroic Acquired)
Shield: Kromog

Bosses and What they drop:

Gruul: 1 (Bracer)
Oregorger: 1 (Back)
Blast Furnace: 2 (Trinket and Legs)
Hans'gar & Franzok: 2 (Trinket and Ring)
Flamebender Ka'graz: 1 (Chest)
Kromog: 3 (Weapon, Shield, Helm)

Beastlord Darmac: 1 (Neck)
Operator Thogar: 1 (Shoulder)
Iron Maidens: 2 (Belt, Gloves)

Blackhand: 0 (Although he does drop tier tokens, which would be used for Shoulder, Chest, Legs, Gloves)
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Re: Prot Warrior BRF BiS

Postby tongclub62 » Wed Jun 01, 2016 1:00 am

The very suggestion of it, you have a lot more ideas.
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Re: Prot Warrior BRF BiS

Postby nuning » Sun Mar 25, 2018 10:19 pm

Prot Warrior BRF BiS It is a story that many people would like to know and who is interested in reading it. royal1688
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