RCM Fanfic - Varyar: Da Bark Lurd Saga Episode 12

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RCM Fanfic - Varyar: Da Bark Lurd Saga Episode 12

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Episode 12, in which HOLY SHIT THINGS JUST GOT REAL.

Hax had just finished slipping the silencer onto his Walther when Killer disappeared into the compound, followed by Varyar, Edge, Arnold, Vampy, and Lyserg. He took another scan of the fields surrounding them – there was a change in the air, something he couldn’t quite put his finger on, and he didn’t like it. He saw nothing, but kept his guard up as he backed up to the door and followed his friends inside.

It took a moment for his eyes to adjust to the darkness of the cavernous room, the first of what the plans showed to be a virtual labyrinth of sets and storage areas comprising the old studio. There was a partial wall separating the entry area from the main soundstage, connected by an elaborate network of catwalks high above their heads. This could prove a liability if Da Bark Lurd’s followers were able to take the higher vantage point, but Hax had more faith in Vampy’s skill with the Barrett 50 than he did in some of the top snipers for MI6. As the others made sure the area was clear, he could see her and Lyserg scanning for the ideal spot to set up her “Vampy-hole” as they quietly made their way over to a rusty access ladder.

The best they could surmise from combining an analysis of the video and the blueprints was that Bio would most likely be located somewhere on the south side of the compound, farthest from the only entry door to the building. Knowing Bio, he’d throw a fit if he knew the building’s other doors had all been welded shut long ago – “that’s in violation of the fire code!” he’d most definitely say (as Baroness already had when they’d been tasking out their assignments). The plan itself was simple: after establishing the elevated vantage point at the separation wall, Lyserg and Vampy would guard the entry point to make sure the escape route was covered while the others delved deeper into the abyss to find and extract their friend. Beyond the main sound stage was two floors of smaller rooms that housed assorted workshops, storage areas, and offices during the building’s heyday. To what nefarious purpose the space was now used would be discovered shortly, but by their thinking this would be the most likely area for Bio to be imprisoned.

“Room one clear,” Killer reported back just loud enough for his team to hear before nodding at the door to the second room, his question silent but clear. Although they knew Da Bark Lurd’s cultists weren’t tech savvy, they couldn’t be sure there wasn’t some sort of surveillance around and had agreed before embarking to take all precautions. Varyar looked up to see that Vampy and Lyserg had made it to their chosen spot, then gave the signal to go ahead.
Killer went in first and stopped dead in his tracks. He had expected to see some leftover props and set pieces around the sound stage, but nothing like this – this was like a nightmare version of the children’s show he watched so often with his son. There were no sunny days about this place; dirt and debris were everywhere. Building 123 looked like it belonged in a Detroit ghetto, with its door off its hinges and large chunks taken out of the front stoop. The remnants of what was once Big Bird’s nest were strewn all over the sound stage. Oscar’s trash can had been thrown through the window of Hooper’s store, which in the dim light Killer could see had also been vandalized with odd symbols and phrases like ‘This graffiti brought to you today by the letter E!’

“Alright, this is officially fucked up.” Varyar stared as the others followed him into the room.

Hax raised an eyebrow as he surveyed the scene. “This is how you Americans film children’s programming? It’s mildly terrifying.”

“Oh please,” Killer tossed back, “you have no room to talk. I’ve seen ‘Doctor Who.’ "

Before he could respond, out of his peripheral vision Hax noticed blue fur moving in the shadows just over Killer’s shoulder. In one smooth movement, he aimed and pulled the trigger just as the malicious ping-pong ball eyes met his.

Killer dropped to the ground as soon as he saw Hax start to move, but still heard the zip of the bullets as it barely missed his ear. “Really?” he hissed as the others immediately shouldered their weapons and aimed in the direction Hax had shot.

With an uncanny stealth one wouldn’t expect from a man wearing dress shoes, Hax was already jogging over to where the creature fell. He nudged the blue body with the toe of his wingtips, then with a perplexed look coming over his face he holstered the Walther and stooped to pick up the body. All three of his bullets had found their mark, but what troubled him was that there was no blood, no fluid of any kind – just snowy white stuffing coming out of three holes in the chest of a cloth puppet. Carefully, he lifted the doll by its neck to show the others. “I don’t understand,” he stammered, “it was walking towards us…”

Arnold narrowed his eyes as he gazed upon the remains of the former Muppet. “Its eyes. They are different now.” He pointed, and sure enough, the round pupils Hax had briefly stared down had now changed into large X’s, like the dead things in old timey cartoons.

“So now we’re dealing with otherworldly, paranormal shit?” Edge looked over at Varyar. “Where the fuck is Baron for this?”

Varyar didn’t say anything, but just stared at the limp sack of cloth and evil in Hax’s hand. He shuddered. The doll in the creepy numbers video was bad enough, but now to be so close to rescuing Bio and finding out they were dealing with God knows how many possessed toys come to life in this run-down death trap…
He didn’t have more time to think about it before he heard Lyserg’s drawl yelling “THREE O’CLOCK!” and a wave of multi-colored craft fur burst through the opposite door.


Utterly exhausted, Bio had been floating in that uneasy haze between sleep and wakefulness when he became aware of shouting in the hallway outside his cell. He sat up from his mat on the floor, wincing as he moved his bruised limbs and muscles still sore from the blows of Elmo’s minions. Picking his way gingerly across the room, he strained to hear what was going on outside, but the sounds were too far down the hall to pick up any clarity to the words. There were a few muffled thumps, then the sound of the heavy door opening at the end of the hallway (he’d learned that sound early on) with what sounded like…were those gunshots? He heard the door thud shut again and quiet came over the cell – not even the sound of the guards singing their parodies of popular hits made their way into the room.

He was completely alone.

And somehow, that thought was even more terrifying than anything else that had happened to this point.

Desperate, Bio tried the lock on the cell again, slamming his already weakened hands against the door handle in a futile attempt to force a break before gripping it with whatever meager strength he had left to try to force the door from its hinges. After several minutes of this, he finally collapsed, defeated, to the floor.

It was over.

Bio rolled onto his back, barely feeling the chill of the cold cement any more as his eyes stared at the ceiling coming in and out of focus above him. He thought about his parents, about New York, about the sunset view from the pier at Port Jefferson where he’d sit for hours and watch the ferries come in. He thought about the WoW Radio days and meeting the guys who would eventually join with him to form Rivalcast Media, about the taste of the Baroness’s ranger cookies when they were first building the sandbox, about watching the confetti fall over Times Square at the dawn of 2015 and knowing that one single square came to a reveler bearing the message “I vow to #bubbalieve the rest of my days.” It was incredible to think about the whirlwind of accolades and success that the team had earned since that point. Overall, he’d had a hell of a run. There were some missteps along the way, of course, but that was the nature of life – you would have ups, you would have downs, but the important thing was to stay true to yourself and enjoy the ride. And Bio certainly had.

He closed his eyes, a smile playing softly on his lips as he brought up his favorite memory of all. As he remembered, he felt a breeze blow over his body, a presence hovering over him, two hands gently touching his shoulders. Keeping his eyes closed, he whispered “I’m ready.”

It was only the hard shake Umamor gave him that made him open his eyes.

“Oh, thank God.” Umamor looked almost ready to cry, but shook it off as she gently pulled Bio up from the floor and helped him to his feet. He was dazed, but alive – that’s what mattered. “Can you walk?”

Bio stared at her, not really comprehending what was happening as she helped him stand and then looped an arm around his waist. “We have to leave right now,” she told him, leading him slowly out to the hall. “They’re here, Bio – they made it. Varyar and the others are in the building doing battle with Da Bark Lurd as we speak. We have to hurry.”

“Da Bark Lurd?” It was so hard for Bio to think, he was so tired. He thought it was Elmo behind all this, but the thought that it could be so much bigger than that… He pushed the thought from his mind and let Uma lead the way through the door and out on a grated catwalk.

Now he could hear it. That WAS gunfire. A LOT of it, which told his brain that Killer and Lyserg were in da house. Uma’s words suddenly sank in: They made it. The thought gave him a last burst of energy to keep going, and he told Uma he could walk a little bit faster. He could hear his friends’ voices yelling back and forth to each other through the volleys of rounds mingled with the disturbing cries and laughter of the puppet creatures.

“This way,” Umamor gave his hand a gentle tug as she led him across the catwalk beside the fray. They were almost to the other side – Bio could see Vampy sniping the enemy from her Vampy-hole position directly across the warehouse from him as Lyserg ran towards them, firing down a few shots from Mr. Blasty whenever she stopped to reload. Suddenly, Umamor stopped and screamed.


Killer was enjoying being able to use his SCAR for something more than target practice – the weight of the gun in his hands combined with the primal thrill of knowing this game actually meant something leant a sense of satisfaction he’d only experienced at one other point in his life. Granted, that other point in his life happened to love the puppets Killer was now unceremoniously mowing down, leaving bits of fur and batting floating through the air, but sometimes it was necessary to do the things others would shirk from. The world would be a little bit better of a place after this day, Killer was sure, and so he didn’t feel too bad picking Grover off as it ran at him wearing a cape and shiny silver helmet.

“Reload,” he shouted to Varyar, who like him was using the decayed cement steps to 123 Sesame as cover. Varyar kept shooting the scary-ass dolls as more and more came in from the various cubbies and crannies around the soundstage. At least the things didn’t have guns – some were armed with clubs and bats, others with knives of various style, but so far the RCM team had the advantage when it came to weapons.

“Jesus,” he shouted back at Killer, “how many of these fucking things are there?” Meanwhile, Hax had brought out his phone and was looking up something. “Uh, Hax? Firefight going on? Help please?”

Without bothering to look up from his screen, Hax reached around with the Walther and picked off three approaching Muppets.

Killer was amazed. “How the fuck did you do that?”

Hax finally paused, looking at Killer with a perplexed face. “I’m British.”

Edge’s voice hollered over the fray from where he and Arnold had taken cover across the room. He was pointing up at the catwalk. Varyar looked up to see Umamor leading a battered Bio towards the front of the building. “What the fuck is she doing here?”

Just then, Killer saw Vampy and Lyserg exchange a few words before Lyserg took off from the post towards Bio while Vampy continued to snipe Muppets. Varyar’s gaze made it over to the Vampy-hole just in time to notice a sinister-looking pink creature with blond pigtails creeping up on Vampy from behind.

“VAMPY!” he yelled, but there was so much commotion she couldn’t hear him; her mind was fully on her targets. “VAMPY!” Jesus Christ, my worst nightmare’s about to come true, Varyar thought. He had to get her attention somehow, and whether it was the adrenaline or something else entirely, the next thing he knew Varyar had left the cover of the stoop and was running full tilt across the battle zone.


At that instant, Varyar’s boot caught on something and he was suddenly landing hard on his stomach. A toybox worth of furry assholes were on him before he could even think about moving. Somewhere above him, Varyar heard the sound of Umamor’s scream before a sharp crack hit the back of his head and the world went suddenly black.

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Thoughts? Comments? Hate mail? Get the conversation started on the comments thread below, by email at jen.mccafferty@rivalcastmedia.com, or @BaronessvGosu on the Tweeter
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