Heavenly Demon, Chapter Three

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Heavenly Demon, Chapter Three

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Heavenly Demon is a fifteen-chapter novel by RCM staffer Kolemsai.


I woke up to an empty house as usual; my parents left for work early in the morning. It didn't matter much to me. Even when they were home I got myself ready for school and walked there anyway.

I got dressed quickly and went to gather my books. My bag was destroyed so I searched the house for a new one. Luckily, my dad had one in his closet from when he was in college. It was old, but still sturdy, so I threw my books in it and hurried out the door.

It hadn't rained in a while, yet sometimes the morning dew would make the ground in the woods too muddy to walk through. I lucked out today though. The ground was dry enough for my shortcut, so I went through the trees. I found myself walking quickly, I wanted to get the school day over with fast so I could go see the monster. Anxious, I started jogging.

I exited the woods to the edge of town. This was usually not a busy street, which is why I always came this way. I'd almost been hit by a car on more than one occasion. A silver car was the only moving vehicle on the street, so I waited patiently on the curb to cross. Suddenly the car stopped, and the old man behind the wheel looked at me and waved me across. I was stunned. What's going on?

I stood there like a deer in headlights, staring at the driver. Was he the monster in disguise? I stared harder, trying to piece it together as the driver waved again, more insistent this time as I saw him say “C'mon kid, go!” I crossed as he wished, and he drove off when I reached the other side.

That incident overtook my thoughts as I finished my trek to the school grounds. Was the monster some sort of doppelganger? Did he kill people and absorb their bodies? I thought I saw him chained though. Was I imagining it?

My mind was a whirlwind as I walked to my first class. Bobbing and weaving through students seemed easier today, but I had done it so much that I could do it in my sleep.

The bell rang as I walked in the door to Mr. Dabner's Pre-Algebra class.

Mr. Dabner was one of the younger teachers in school, which made him pretty popular. He dressed rather casually compared to some of the older teachers, light khakis and a button up blue shirt today. He stopped writing an equation on the dry-erase board when I walked in.

“Can I help you, young man?” he asked as he stepped up to me. “Are you new here?”

I was almost floored in shock. “Um, no Mr. Dabner. I was just going to my seat.” I pointed to an empty desk in the back of class, when I noticed that everyone in class, EVERYONE, was staring at me.

“I'm sorry bud, but I don't recognize you as one of my students. What's your name?”

“Devin Anson,” I replied. What the hell?

“Oh, Devin!” he said as he patted me on the back. “Don't see you in class very often. Have you been sick?”

The entire class stared at me in silence, and I shifted uncomfortably. “No sir, I've been here every day.”

He seemed confused by my answer, but accepted it. “Well you sure blend in well! You should think about becoming an Army sniper or something, with as good as you can hide!” That earned a giggle from the class. Mr. Dabner was one of the more comical teachers. “Well Devin, get to your seat and let's get this class started!”

Everyone's eyes followed me as I took my seat. This was too much. Yesterday, nobody even looked my way, now I was the center of attention? I was overwhelmed to say the least, and I sat in silence as Mr. Dabner taught his class. Occasionally someone would turn around and glance at me, almost in disbelief.

The bell rang after what seemed like an eternity, and I rushed out of class, people actually moving out of my way.

Something was happening, and I didn't know what. It started last night when I went in the boiler room and that thing noticed me. I had to get back there. I had to know what was going on, and maybe that monster could tell me, unless he killed me first.

I had an open period next, which was perfect for me. Magville High was pretty lenient when it came to open periods, students could choose to either go to the cafeteria, library or gym as long as they didn't stand in the hallways or disrupt other classes. The teachers never took attendance, so I should be able to sneak down to the boiler with ease, even if I wasn't invisible anymore.

I didn't stop until I got near the door to the boiler. The hallway was full of kids going to their next class. I took a chance, and cracked open the door.

“Hey kid, stop!” Rick the janitor had just turned the corner from the cafeteria to catch me in the act.

He looked like a hobo as he ran toward me, his long scruffy beard and greasy hair were streaked with gray, the two missing front teeth completed the ensemble. He was normally calm and lackadaisical, but worry peeped through his fur.

“You must be new here kid,” he said as he nearly slammed my fingers in the door. “That area is off limits to students.” He leaned in closer, the smell of cigarette smoke emanating from his clothes filled my nostrils. “Besides, it's haunted by a ghost who cries all day and night. I've seen it myself.”

I perked up. “You have?”

“Of course I have, boy! I'm the only one to see it and live to tell the tale! It's a woman who flies around white as a sheet, but you can see straight through her! Creepy stuff I tell ya, it will scar you for life!”

My hopes crumbled. He never saw the monster, but obviously heard it. I turned and left. This was going to be harder than I thought.

Every class went like Mr. Dabner's that day. Teachers stopped me, asking who I was. When I told them, they reacted in a similar manner, not wanting to admit that they didn't recognize one of their students. Kids stared at me, and the ones I had class with earlier gossiped with their friends in hushed whispers through the hallways.

It was time for Ms. Jones' class, and I couldn't wait for it to be over. I wanted to try to get in the boiler room again after school.

The bell rang, and Ms. Jones stood up from her desk to begin roll call. She was wearing a fuzzy turtleneck sweater and skin-tight black pants today, yet she made it look like lingerie.

Everyone was already looking at me and whispering. What was so special about me? They didn't even do this with new kids.

“Devin Anson,” Ms. Jones looked right at me as she spoke, and I finally understood why most boys were squeamish when she called their name. If her body was alluring, her eyes were intoxicating, as if she wanted nothing more than to have you rip her clothes off and ravage her.

A chill ran down my spine as I raised my hand. I managed to choke out “Here” under her lustful gaze. I hoped she would move on quickly.

“Well Mr. Anson, you're quite the popular student today. I want to sincerely apologize, I don't normally miss students. And if there's anything you need from me, anything at all, you come see me after class and I will take care of it personally.”

Jaws dropped across the room, even Jeremy's. Did she just say what I think she said?

Roll call continued and people began to look away from me, finally. I could still feel the chill down my back like it never went away.

I glanced over at Alyssa and quickly turned away. She was still staring at me, ignoring everyone else around her, including a frustrated Jeremy. I could still see her out of the corner of my eye, her eyes trying to bore through my soul with an almost dreamy expression. Her boyfriend kept trying to get her attention, even going so far as grabbing her arm to get her to turn around. She shrugged it off, never taking her eyes off of me.

I glanced over to her again, and she smiled. Jeremy, on the other hand, had a spiteful glare, veins in his neck bulging as he pummeled me with his eyes.

“Mr. Francis,” Ms. Jones continued as though nothing special was happening, “did you read the poem I assigned?”

Steve lifted his head from his arm-pillow. “Uh, yes Ms. Jones. The one about two roads, right?”

Ms. Jones chuckled softly. “Yes dear, 'The Road Less Traveled' by Robert Frost.”

Not even Ms. Jones was safe from aggravating the man as his face twisted in frustration.

“And what did you learn from it?”


The class chuckled, making Steve furious.

“Mr. Anson, did you read the poem?”

I nodded.

“And what did you learn?”

Everyone was looking at me again, making me nervous. Alyssa never took her eyes off of me, yet she stared with more intent now, pissing off Jeremy even further. Steven also stared at me, daring me to answer.

I swallowed. “I think what Mr. Frost was trying to say is that if you do something different than what is normal, the experience and reward is greater.”

“Very good!” It made me happy that my answer pleased her. “Mr. Francis, I think you could learn a thing or two from Devin.”

I could tell that sent him over the edge. His knuckles turned white as he gripped his desk, and his face looked like it would explode in rage.

It was all happening so fast. I went from being unnoticed, to having the two biggest bullies in school angry at me at the same time.

As the bell rang, I desperately wanted to be invisible again.

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