Realm transferring to Illidan

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Realm transferring to Illidan

Postby Joesh » Fri Jan 09, 2015 5:21 pm

Hey all,

I'm sad to say that I will be leaving Rexxar for Illidan on my priest and mage. I hope to make it into a raiding guild on that server. The main reasons for me leaving are that I was getting fed up with the economy on Rexxar, I was no longer happy with playing on a medium population realm, and I was tired of losing gambling money to Zulagore (jk). Seriously though, can you PM me your roll hacks Zula? I want to stress that I have nothing against any of you, this was just a personal decision I made for myself. I've never been on a high pop realm or a realm with multiple "hardcore" raiding guilds, and I wanted to give that a try to see if I liked it. I mentioned this to Lull when I broke the news to her, but after killing Kargath mythic in one night I have firm belief that you guys have the ability to become the top horde guild on misha-rexxar.

Goodbye for now,
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