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As I look back on 2013, I've determined that it was a pretty good year. Met some new people, got some new swag, ended up in a new place, got a new girlfriend. If there was a downside to the year, it definitely was in the field of gaming. Specifically, I didn't get to experience nearly as many titles as I wanted to, and of those I completed even fewer. I think the last game I finished was BioShock Infinite back in May or June or something.

The biggest issues with my lack of gaming proficiency are my tendencies to focus on only one game at a time, and then drop that game as soon as something new and shiny comes along; my love for MMOs that saps away any time I would spend otherwise on more varied titles; and my absolutely abysmal personal-time management skills. The end result has been that I haven't spent a ton of money on games last year, but the backlog has grown to a point where I feel that attempting to slog through it is a hopeless proposition. Having dozens of unplayed games on Steam is nothing new to heavy PC gamers, but I also recently picked up a PS3, and will try to experience the plethora of titles on that system that I missed out on as an Xbox 360 owner during the last generation.

So, if I made new year's resolutions--which I don't, because resolutions are made to be unkept--mine would be to get through as much of my backlog as possible. How big of a challenge is this? Well, let me look at my unplayed games list on Steam:

Batman Arkham Origins, Costume Quest, DmC, Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon, Path of Exile, Saints Row IV, Sleeping Dogs, The Walking Dead (season one), The Witcher 2

OK, that doesn't look too bad. When I add in the PS3 games I'm looking forward to--Persona 5 and The Last of Us--getting through most of those titles seems doable in the next year, assuming I don't get sidetracked with another addictive MMO like last year's vice, Tera.

So, what have I been playing all of this time, you ask? Some mobile game called Spirit Stones. I've been playing it so much over the last two weeks that I've started carrying about multiple extra batteries with me when I take long trips, or go to work. And then when I finally DO manage to put the phone down for a bit, I become sidetracked further by my girlfriend's boobs. Hey, I'm not complaining, tits on demand are awesome.

Wait, what was I talking about again? Oh yeah, games. I guess I should play some.
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