Why the Republican Party will not win the White House

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Why the Republican Party will not win the White House

Postby Highlander1G » Mon Nov 17, 2014 4:18 am


There are some sweeping generalizations in this article (I suppose the Democrats could nominate a child molesting, toxic waste dumping, atheist Communist Nazi Zombie), but it does articulate the thoughts I've had regarding the Republicans. They are getting a larger majority of a shrinking voter base - Old White Rural People (and mostly Dudes). Until a major realignment of the two-party system takes place (i.e. - the end/breakup of either party into something new), I honestly don't see a Republican in the White House for a long, long time. If ever. For reals, yo.

And, just to put the cherry on top of this shit sundae, the writer of this article is a Republican.

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