Anime for Baron.

Anime for Baron.

Postby SamMeasa » Tue Jul 14, 2015 11:36 am

So after this weekends rift tracks I found myself thinking "What would be a good set of anime for Baron?" Now I can think of a dozen Manga I could send him that are on the shelf in my living room. But there are only three Anime I know about that baron might like.

The first that comes to mind is Hell Girl.
This is about the Hell Corespondents, a website that can only be accessed at midnight. If you have a grudge with some one you go there and enter it. Shortly there after a young girl will appear before you and offer to take that person('s) to hell. It does come at the cost of your immortal soul.
There are three seasons, the first has been translated to English and can be found on youtube. Seasons two and three are on Crunchyroll

Second Anime is titled Parasite.
One night a young man is attacked in his home by a type of snake. It burrows into his right arm, but before it can get farther the teen ties his arm off with a cord. After that it seems to vanish, and the teen thinks it might have been a waking nightmare. The next day reports from around town come in of murder. The teen in turn notices that his right hand seems numb. I'd go further into the first episode but its more of something you should watch for yourself then read about.
This show is currently on Crunchyroll.

The third is Black Butler.
Ciel Phantomhive's parents where murdered and his home was nearly burnt to the foundation. He then vanished from the public eye only to return with a tall dark haired man that then takes the place of his head butler. Who is this man, where did Ciel go, and what has brought them together.
Black Butler is on Netflix, I'd recommend just watching season one. The story is well told and they wrap it up nicely. They gave you all the answers to questions posed by the show. Season two they brought the characters back for half a season which a half planned story. Then they finished off the second half with filler episodes.
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