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Will you send your positive energy???

Poll ended at Sat Apr 16, 2016 6:24 pm

1.) Yes! The developers need help developing
2.) No the game sucks no matter what we do
Total votes : 2


Postby Baron von Gosu » Sun Apr 10, 2016 6:24 pm

For those of you who watched episodes 134 and 135 you know why you're here. Dave, the interdimensional being from the planet Omicron, needs your positive energy to help fix/repair/make playable the early access videogame, "At the Mountains of Madness." This game is in HORRIBLE condition and needs all the help it can get to make HP Lovecraft stop rolling over in his grave. We are using an off brand ziplock bag which contains the portal. We were inspired to try this technique from an ebay posting selling Ziplock bags of restoration that are able to repair or restore any item put in the bag. Since we are using an off brand bag and dimension, we also had to approach a separate group of beings in a rival dimension to do the heavy lifting for us (due to union rules). All we need is your positive energy to help the process!

On behalf of myself, Baroness, and HP Lovecraft fans everywhere thank you for your help!

"Long is the way, and hard, that out of hell leads up to light."
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