The Best CPU For Gaming Right Now

The Best CPU For Gaming Right Now

Postby JoeClark » Thu Nov 23, 2017 1:39 am


When it comes to CPUs, I almost always prefer Intel, they make some good stuff, but I think they may have a worthy competitor, AMD's Ryzen 3 1200 CPU. This is a 3.1 GHz Quad-Core processor, but the real kicker? It's only 109USD. Mic drop. Not to mention, if you put this thing in a build with an Rx570, it's a fantastic choice for 1080p gaming, and, (Don't quote me on this) if you used a build with it and the Rx580, or maybe even the 570, I think it can go toe to toe with the Xbox One X in terms of performance. AMD struck gold with this puppy, and it with the Rx570 is a fantastic choice for a budget build, especially once the GPU market calms down, because the Rx570 seems to have been greatly effected by the Ethereum mining crisis. For those of you not in the loop, people buy GPUs so they can do this thing called Ethereum mining, as far as I understand, they solve equations, they get a digital currency called Ethereum, similar to something like bitcoin, another digital currency. From there, they turn their Ethereum into real cash, and make a profit. Because so many people are trying to do this, there's an extraordinarily high demand for GPUs, due to supply and demand, this causes the prices of GPUs to go absolutely through the roof, hopefully in the future the GPU market will stabilize, but for now it's quite the mess, and we'll just have to deal with it for the time being.

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