RCM Killing Floor Mod/Map List

RCM Killing Floor Mod/Map List

Postby Edge Damodred » Sat Oct 25, 2014 8:00 pm

Killing Floor has suddenly become our new Flavor Of The Moment Game and it has some pretty fun content...But we wanted more! So we're upgrading our play with maps and mods! Most of the stuff can and should be gotten through the Steam Workshop, however some things refuse to cooperate and need to be downloaded and installed manually.
When you subscribe the downloads will only take place when you run Killing Floor. You may have to restart Killing Floor if you're browsing the workshop from within the game.

UPDATE: I have combined the Aliens mod classes and weapons into the main Killing Floor game so progress will be saved on both.

Aliens: Killing Floor - Install manually (from here) by unzipping the folder and dropping it into the Killing Floor steamapps folder(Steam/SteamApps/common/KillingFloor).
Instead of fighting zombies we'll be fighting the xenomorphs and their queen!

Server Perks - Can be installed through Steam Workshop with no problem.
Allows you to configure and save perks on the local server instead of Steam's Global server. Perk progress will only count on this server if enabled, if you go to other servers it will default to the standard system.

MAPS: So far all of these can be downloaded and installed via the Steam Workshop. This is just a list of the ones I currently have downloaded, I will update as necessary. Just do a search for these maps in the Killing Floor workshop and subscribe to them.
KF Maps-
KF-STALKER-Prometeus (Author NF Slipknot)
Resident Evil 4 Village
Helms Deep
Mountain Pass Night
Mario 1-2 v3
UPDATE: ADDED 10/27/14
KF-Crooked Forest
The Hive - V3 - Rev 1
The Hive - V1 - Rev 3
Olde Tower Challenge

KFO Maps-
KFO Sirens vs Husks Moonbase
KFO - Fleshpound Challenge - Departed
KFO - Fleshpound Challenge - West London
KFO - Fleshpound Challenge - Biotics Lab
KFO - Fleshpound Challenge - Frightyard
KFO - FP Challenge - Sibyl Complex
KFO - Manor Defence
KFO - OnceUponATimeInMexico
KFO - Haunted-Hotel
KFO - Peak
[Survival] KFO - WestLondon

If you have recommendations please post them below!
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Re: RCM Killing Floor Mod/Map List

Postby Vampy » Sat Oct 25, 2014 9:16 pm

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