The Girl In Green - Ch2 Part 3

The Girl In Green - Ch2 Part 3

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At dinner the tension between his parents was bad. In typical fashion, they ignored one another like children on a playground, or used him to relay messages despite their being only a foot away from one another. It was sadly predictable, so instead he tried his best to coax them into some kind of conversation. As much as he wanted to play the good son card, the reality was he was hoping to distract himself from the hand prints and closet door in his room. Only he gave up when they both told him to just shut up and eat. After a few bites and a few tense minutes he decided he didn’t feel much like eating anymore.

"May I be excused?"

"You didn't finish your dinner," his father said coldly.

"I don't feel hungry."

"Finish it."


"Because I said so."

Shawn slumped in his chair. His food sat untouched. He glared defiantly at his father. Shawn already knew it didn’t take much for him to get pissed at his father, and if he didn’t stop glaring at him he was going to end up giving him a piece of his mind. His father suddenly glanced up from his plate and caught Shawn glaring at him.

"I'm getting a little tired of your attitude.”

"You let me leave the table and you won't have to listen to it."

"That's it-" Gary Keating slid back his chair and went to stand up until Beverly slammed her hands on the table.

"Enough! Both you! Jesus, you're like children!"

"Don't you dare defend him!" his father roared. “Never in my wildest have I ever heard such a disrespectful brat!”

"Shawn, go to your room,” his mother said, shaking her head

“Thank you!" Shawn whistled. His heart thumped in his chest. He wasn’t out of his chair before his father pounded his fist on the table, rattling the dishes and toppling over his glass of milk.

"Oh no you don't! I told him no until he finishes! Sit down!”

"Shawn, go,” his mother said flatly. She stared at his father matching his intensity with her eyes.

"Oh I see. I see how it is. You've got to have your way with the house so why not have your way with the kid too. You know what, fine! I don't give a shit. Do what you want!" Gary flung his napkin down on his plate and left the table. They both listened as he grabbed his coat from the hall closet and stormed out the front door, giving it a resonating slam behind him.

Shawn turned to his mother who was staring blankly at her food.

"Mom," Shawn started. His mother shook her head and he stopped.

"Just go upstairs," she said in a flat voice.

Shawn didn’t say anything more. Instead he left as he was told and stopped outside his door to collect his thoughts before venturing inside. Like an epiphany, he realized he was afraid of his room. Over the years, new places didn’t bother him much. It used to when he was little. He remember all the nights lying awake staring at the ceiling listening to the creaks and moans of each new place setting in for the night. He remembered the long shadows cast on the floor, the feet shuffling down the hall he knew logically was one of his parents going to the bathroom while his young mind worked in overdrive to convince him the creature of his nightmares had come for his blood. Eventually he got past these worries just like he did the people at each of his schools. Only this time was different. Feet shuffling and house settling were tangible things. A face and hands on glass windows, one of which being a second floor window without a roof or anything to use to climb up, didn’t fall into the tangible category. Actually it fell into the ‘creepy shit that reminds me of Hillary and Principal Weston describing how haunted Middlebrook is’ category. For the first time, that childhood fear of a creepy monster stalking down the hall toward his room felt real.

Shawn’s mind spent the appropriate amount of time reassuring him nothing of the sort was happening. It told him once he went inside and saw nothing there he’d relax and have a peaceful night.

For a while, it seemed like his mind was right.. He played his guitar for a while, then sat back in bed listening to the stereo while thinking about Hillary. It wasn’t until around midnight that he decided to get some sleep. As he turned out the lights and waited for sleep to come claim him, he finally stole a peek at his bedroom windows.

A new set of fresh handprints were there.

The Girl in Green is a horror novel by Scott McCafferty, serialized for web publication through RivalCast Media. Scott welcomes comments and feedback below or through email at

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