Episode 1 (June 7, 2016)

Written recap of the adventures of Kefurgle, Shaede, Fletch, and Bo from Tuesday night's show Of Dice And Dungeons! (Synopses written by Emily Barr)

Episode 1 (June 7, 2016)

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“Welcome to a realm of incredible splendor, mystical wonder, and in a few places, ages old evil. Here, the pockets of civilization push back against the unbridled wilds with walls and culture although dark shadows of forgotten ruins and deep caverns sprawl across the wilderness with the promise of adventure, glory, and danger. Here the gods are not impersonal, distant ideas to be contemplated and debated upon. Here, the gods take active roles in the shaping of the world through their devotees, weaving the lives of the people together with the threads of fate and destiny. This is the world in which you live. This is Faerun. This is your home. And this is where your story begins.”

Having weathered the stormy night in an abandoned tower, our party of heroes made their way through the tumultuous, mountainous region of the Thunderpeaks. The brave barbarian Kefurgle soon bested a buck for his morning snack, but he had not the time to enjoy it: the party came across a pack of Kobolds attacking a silken clad merchant. The lizard-like creatures were dispatched with ease, thanks to a few frost bolts from the deft mage Bo, and the party learned of the merchant’s tale. A simple man, Zorba had taken to traveling across the Thunderpeaks and beyond to sell his wares to all sorts of adventurers. The party was allotted a minor discount for saving his life, but, after much haggling, found the more useful items within his enchanted wagon to be too much for their meager purses.

They then journeyed to the nearby town of Winterhaven. The town was small, unassuming, the quintessential farming town; a fact that made the large gates outside all the more suspicious. After learning that the town, like the roads of the Thunderpeaks, had been besieged by the Kobolds, the party elected to spend the night somewhere safe before journeying onward. The Fiery Grog became their tavern of choice. Within, a small band played, a suspicious group of warriors lurked, and, in the very back, a small elven woman bested competitors in a fierce arm wrestling competition with her spectral hand. The party approached her (but not until after Fletch convinced Kefurgle to try fiery ale in a challenge that went horribly awry), and the elven woman, Silana, was stunned to find that Kef could beat her spectral hand in fair sport.

The win lifted their spirits, and with Kef’s deer warm in their bellies, the party seemed to enjoy their momentary peace. That is, until the suspicious group of lurkers were provoked into a battle. Despite the innkeeper’s frantic warnings, our heroes dispatched the suspicious crew, resulting in some… strange phenomena. The tavern became dark and cold as a man, introducing himself as Kalarel the Vile, thanked the innkeeper for his assistance and rewarded him with five gold coins of the deepest red. His crew of undead goblins carted the bodies of the lurkers to an unknown location, and with that, he vanished, leaving an air of unease in his wake…

Emily Barr (Barrtender) is a member of RCM’s Summer Writing program. Any questions, comments, or feedback can be sent to her email at emilybarr77@gmail.com
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