Heavenly Demon, Chapter Fourteen

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Heavenly Demon, Chapter Fourteen

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Heavenly Demon is a fifteen-chapter novel by RCM staffer Kolemsai.

I was really glad it was Sunday. We ended up in the E.R. for seven hours, then after we were questioned by the police. I didn't give Jeremy up to them, I figured he'd had enough punishment for one night.

The sun was coming up when we pulled into the driveway. Mom was waiting for us when we walked in the door. She looked a mess, but Dad did an expert job in calming her down. It wasn't long before we were all in bed.

Monday came and it was back to normal. The pain in my arm was mostly gone now. The doctors gave me some pain killers, yet I never had to use them. I found that channeling magic killed the pain just fine when I needed it.

Neither Alyssa nor her aunt were there. The substitute said they had a death in the family. Of course I knew better. I wondered what they could be up to?

Jeremy was in school, looking worse than I ever did. His face was bruised and swollen and his arm was in a sling. He was out as a starter for the football team for the rest of the year, which made him not only depressed, but friendless; his lackeys now hung out with Dean Childs, the new starting quarterback.

Steven still stared at me in class and followed me in the halls, but his look and demeanor changed. His eyes were no longer filled with raging hate, but anticipation.

I went down to see Laxidan every day after school. He taught me a lot about Destruction magic; using fire, lightning and other things.

Friday came and there was still no sign of Alyssa and Felliste.

I think they're up to something, I told Laxidan after school that night during another training session. We rarely spoke out loud anymore, there was no need to here.

Of course they are, Devin. They are demons after all.

Did you know who they were disguising themselves as?

I had suspicions, from reading the minds of students, but no I did not. If demons do not wish to be found, they will not be.

Do you think they are working with the Pit Fiend that's after me?

Not willingly, the demon answered, but I am almost sure of it. Succubi and incubi are not made for combat, and the overlords do not interfere with lesser demons much, even when they kill one another.

You seem to be good at combat though.

Laxidan took a moment before he answered. I am an anomaly. Most incubi do not have access to Destruction magic, they usually use Charm and Conjuration.

Anomalies are rare amongst my kind. Out of tens of millions of demons, there are possibly around a hundred anomalies, and most of those are imps. In fact, Cybyl is the only one besides myself that I know of that is not an imp.

The mention of her, even her demon name, was a gun that shot off in my mind. What do you know about Alys...I mean Cybyl?

The corners of Laxidan's mouth curled up in a small smile. Not much I am afraid. She was born after my imprisonment, so most of my knowledge of her comes from you.

I stopped what I was doing and thought about it. She seemed to act differently than her mother; was it because she was younger?

Be careful, Devin, Lax warned, Nothing good comes from loving a demon.

I didn't want to love her, but I couldn't help it. Lax didn't understand how love worked. How could he? It was a purely human emotion, and uncontrollable.

What about the other one, Felliste?

Laxidan stopped just as I had and turned to face me. “I know much about her,” he said aloud, surprising me. “She is one of the very best at what she does. She has toppled many nations, and has even corrupted angels, which is said to have been impossible. She has never failed an assignment, and is one of the highest ranked succubi in hell.”

He paused, a slight snarl twisted his face. “She is also ruthless, unforgiving, and evil. What all demons should be.”

“Why is she here then? Aren't there other demons that would be better at guarding you?”

“She is here because she chose to be. She hates me above all else, and says I am a disgrace to Hell. She is correct of course, else I would not be helping a mortal stay alive.”

I wanted to ask him once again what he did, but I decided against it. I wanted to respect his privacy, I felt I owed him that after the last time I tried to chase a memory.

“I think we are done for today. You are weak.”

I didn't want to quit. What if I was attacked tomorrow? I wasn't ready. Today I had used more magic than I ever had before and it was difficult for me to remain on my feet. I could feel I had a lot left in me, but I was too scared to use it. I didn't want to know what happened if I used it all up, but I had to push myself or I wouldn't have a soul anymore. Everyone I knew would be gone. So I drew on my magic again and worked to create boulders around the room, then made them explode.

Every cast made me weaker, until eventually I sank to my knees. I felt so insignificant. Laxidan showed no sign of weariness and here I was on the ground panting.

“I can't do this,” I sighed as despair washed over me. “Cecorix is going to take my soul, and I'll be dead.”

Laxidan kneeled next to me. “I will not lie to you, Devin, he may very well win this battle. He is much stronger than either of us. But we cannot give up without a fight. When he comes, you must not hold back, as you have been.”

“But what if using all of my soul kills me anyway?”

“It very well may,” he replied in a sorrowful tone, “but at least he will not get your soul, and the ones you love will be safe. Don't think that he will stop just because he has your soul. He will attack your family and friends as well, and take their souls. Our sacrifices must not be made in vain.”

I was so tired, but I didn't want to stop. The demon's words gave me strength, yet I still couldn't find my feet.

“I have told your father to come pick you up. We are done for today.” His tone didn't leave any room for argument, and I didn't have the energy.

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