Heavenly Demon, Chapter Two

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Heavenly Demon, Chapter Two

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Heavenly Demon is a fifteen-chapter novel by RCM staffer Kolemsai.


I wanted to kick in the front door to my house in frustration, but I didn't. No use trying to inconvenience my parents, Lord knows my death wouldn't. I shoved through the door and kicked my shoes off. My parents barely looked up as I slammed my books on the dining room table.

Richard Anson sat in his favorite recliner reading the paper with his feet kicked up and a beer in the built-in cup holder. “Dick” was nothing special; he was a foreman at the local cereal factory. I looked a lot like him. We both had the same color of brown hair, although his was thinning with tufts of grey on the sides. We were the same average height, and had the same nose. He usually kept a loosely trimmed goatee, while the rest of his face was covered in stubble.

My mother, Lorna, stood in the kitchen skimming a cookbook while she sipped on a glass of wine. Where my father and I look alike, my mother and I shared no resemblance. She kept her dirty-blonde hair cut well above her shoulders, and had a skinny figure. Crows feet hung off her eyes and frown lines outlined her thin lips. I had never seen her happy, probably my fault I'm sure.

Both of my parents were heavy alcoholics. I never saw my dad without a beer or my mom without wine, unless that had switched to scotch and brandy. They were usually drunk before dinner every night, dinner that I never attended. My parents weren't abusive or anything like that, they were just the same as everyone else. They never noticed me, their only child. I must have done something horrible when I was a kid, and even though they never talked about it, I'm pretty sure I knew what it was.

I killed my older brother.

They never outright told me that, but I wasn't stupid; I put the pieces together. Apparently they were happy when they found at they were pregnant with him, but shortly after I was born something happened and he was gone. I'm not sure how much older than me he was, but apparently we slept in the same bed. He could have been my twin for all I know, they never said. I think I smothered him while we were sleeping, as my parents talk about him never waking up. It would explain their attitude towards me, and their alcoholism. I confronted them about it, and they never denied my claims. Since the day I found out, I've tried my best to stay out of their way, which they seemed to appreciate.

Well now they'll really hate me, because tonight I'm going to kill their other son.

I waited until it was dark before I left the house. There was no need to sneak out the window, my parents didn't even look away from the television when I casually walked out the front door. I stopped in the garage and grabbed some rope my dad used to tie logs together when he hauled firewood out to my grandma's house in the country. I had Googled how to tie a noose on my dad's laptop while they were eating dinner. I didn't eat. What was the point when I was going to be dead in a few hours?

I knew exactly where I was going to do it. The boiler room at school was said to be haunted by a crying ghost. Nobody, not even the school's janitorial or maintenance staff went down there unless it was an emergency. I wasn't intending to make a big fuss about my death by doing it somewhere public, and in any case I doubted a funeral would even be held for me. I just wanted it over with and not cause too much trouble for anyone's life. Besides, if the hanging didn't work, maybe the ghost of Magville High would finish the job.

We lived on the very edge of Magville. In fact, the city limits ran right through the middle of our acreage, so the school was about 3 miles away. Too far to walk really, but I did it every day to and from school. It would have been nice to have a bike at least, but it was something I wasn't going to wish about after tonight.

I cut through the woods like I normally did when the ground wasn't wet or covered in snow; it saved a lot of time rather than have to follow the winding road around it. Even with this shortcut, it would take me almost an hour to reach the school, and I wanted to end this as quick as possible, so I started running. I broke out of the woods and onto the street in record time. Even though I wasn't in the best of shape, the lack of a fifty pound backpack full of books allowed me to run longer than I have before.

A police cruiser drove past me as I crossed the street. Normally a teenager walking in the middle of the night with a noose-tied rope would be cause for them to stop, but I was invisible, even to law enforcement.

I reached the school grounds and went around back. There was a service door that Rick the janitor taped the latches so he could sneak out for the occasional cigarette, and I've had to use this entrance numerous times when I was running late. The hallways were dark and quiet, fitting my mood perfectly. It was creepy, like a cemetery at night after the gates were closed; the slightest shift in the shadows made my heart jump. The door to the boiler was between the library and cafeteria and was easy to find. It made a loud screech when I opened it, but at least it wasn't locked.

The flickering light of the boiler room reminded me of a horror movie. Steam seemed to be omnipresent in the room, and soft hissing sounds came from everywhere. It was very noticeable that nobody came in here on a regular basis, not that it mattered. Nobody would notice that I was gone anyway. It was pointless really, I could have hung myself in the middle of the hallway in front of the cafeteria during lunch time and nobody would have even turned their head.

None of the pipes looked like they would support my weight anyway. It might have to be the hallway after all, even the large gas tank looking things wouldn't do the job. It's too bad there wasn't a killer in here - at least he could kill me.

A sound caught my ear. It wasn't loud, but it sounded like a sob. That was impossible, there was nobody down here! I heard it again. It seemed to echo in my mind like I imagined it, but I knew that this was real somehow. Again. I couldn't tell where it was coming from, but I knew it was there. I began to search the room from top to bottom, more intently than I had been looking for my resting place. What if it was a trapped little girl who had given up hope? What if a janitor broke his leg and couldn't get out? What if it was the ghost? I had to find out.

In the corner of the room, hidden behind a giant boiler, was a small door. It came up to my waist, and was twice as wide as a normal door, like one used for carts or some such. It was bolted, locked and chained. A large “DANGER, HIGH VOLTAGE” sign adorned it. This was the only other door in the room besides the one I entered. The sob came again- definitely from behind the door.

I started to panic. There was someone trapped in there! I thought about yelling to stay there and I would get help, but that sounded utterly stupid. Where were they going to go? And what if I couldn't find help? That person would get their hopes up for nothing. I dropped my rope and left, looking for anything to get the person free.

My mind quickly went to the other extreme: what if it was the ghost? What if, when I opened the door, I would be greeted with some sort of jump scare out of a video game and be instantly skinned alive? What if it possessed me and started murdering people en masse?

Ultimately, what was the worst that could happen? I was going to die one way or the other; if someone did the job for me then that's one less thing I would have to worry about, right? I would not forgive myself in my final moments if there was someone trapped. I had to open that door.

Steeling my nerves, I looked for something that could cut the chains, or a key. There was nothing nearby that could do the job, so I ran upstairs, trying to find the nearest janitor's closet. I ran, down hallways and up staircases, the quiet sobs of the unknown echoing in my mind. Of course there were none near, but I kept running faster and faster. All thoughts of suicide left my mind. The only thing I could think of was saving that person, if it was a person. What if they were bleeding? I ran harder, pushing through the pain in my thighs and crawling up my side. I hadn't ran this far in a long time, but I didn't care. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if that person died, even if it was only for a couple of hours.

Finally, I stumbled on a janitor's closet. It was locked. I tried shoving my shoulder into the door, hoping that the latch was old and loose, but it didn't budge. Even a running start proved fruitless. I tried to break the glass with my elbow, and it didn't give. It seemed so much easier in the movies! I took off, hoping for another solution.

Down by the gym entrance I found the gardener's shed. It was unlocked! I threw the door open, not caring if anyone heard me, and pulled the chain on the hanging light bulb. The first thing I saw was a pair of large bolt cutters. Without looking further, I grabbed them and ran. By the time I reached the door, I was completely out of breath, and had to stop when I got there just to prevent myself from collapsing. Sure, I wanted to die, but I didn't want to have to feel it! I could hear the sobbing over the thudding of my pounding heart, and it invigorated me to get to work on the chain. I heaved the bolt cutters up to the chain, now feeling like they weighed 100 pounds, and tried to snap it.

Of course, just like everything else tonight, they didn't budge.

I dug down deep, pushing with all of my effort, digging deep for more strength. Finally the chain snapped and fell to the floor. The sobbing stopped abruptly as I tried to pull of the boards that prevented the door from opening. Finally resorting to hitting them with the bolt cutters like an axe, I was able to get the door open. Throwing the door open, I was greeted with darkness. No light illuminated this room, and it smelled stale. The floor was uneven, and in fact it felt like dirt beneath my feet.

“Hello?” I eased into the room, wary of bats and other vermin, but also hoping to find the crying person. The darkness in the room seemed unreal. The light from the boiler room didn't spill into the room like normal, it just stopped. I could see the boiler room, but it was more like looking through a window than it was a doorway. I really should have looked for a flashlight in that shed.

A shuffle made me stop dead in my tracks. I couldn't hear breathing, but the slight rattle of chains. I looked back to the ones I cut off of the door in the other room. It didn't look like they had moved at all, even though my vision through the door was askew. It really was a weird thing. I almost wanted to go back to the door just to make sure I could walk through it again.

I heard the chains rustle again, this time from the darkness.

It had to be the ghost! Trembling to the point of nearly losing my balance, I inched forward, arms wide so I didn't hit a wall, or a person, or the chilling death of an incorporeal being. “I don't know who you are, but I'm here to help you.” I wasn't sure how it sounded coming from my mouth, through all the swallowing of fear.

A pair of red, hellish looking eyes opened in the darkness, and they appeared so suddenly I fell on my ass, clicking my teeth together so hard that my jaw throbbed. Those eyes never moved, not even swaying from breathing, they just kept staring at me. At that moment I wished I had never opened that door. It was like they could pierce my soul, and steal it from me at the same time. I wanted nothing more than to run away, but I was frozen in fear.

I gulped hard and forced myself to speak through the sponge that was my mouth. “Are you okay?”

“Leave,” a deep voice said from the darkness. It sounded ancient, like a mix between an old regal king and a criminal mastermind.

I shook. Not so much because I was terrified - it took all of my willpower not to piss myself - but because I was noticed. No awkward delay, not because someone bumped into me or accidentally spilled my lunch tray, but because I was there.

I was suddenly blinded by some sort of explosion. Heat blasted my face as my eyes watered trying to adjust through the flash. An eternity passed in a moment and I was able to see again. The room was lit up, fire now crawled along the walls. The heat made my hair stand on end and sweat began to trickle down the sides of my face, but I stood in awe of what I saw before me.

It looked like a man, but as tall as a basketball player. It had long, unkempt black hair and its human face was twisted in anger. I could feel its solid ruby eyes bore through me, just as I did before in the darkness, and its mouth bared small fang-like teeth.

It wore plain brown trousers that looked dirty and torn, but no shoes or shirt. What looked like red glowing scars covered the monster's chest and arms, hundreds of them. I say monster, but this thing was the most beautiful man I'd ever seen. It looked like it could make mountains swoon, and even Ms. Jones would be putty in its hands.

I stood still, awestruck. A deer in headlights was an understatement.

The monster didn't hesitate. It walked toward me menacingly, dragging chains that were clasped to its large wrists. Chains that ended somewhere in the darkness that remained even through walls of fire.

“Leave now,” it bellowed as it raised its hands toward me, “or I will kill you where you stand.”

I lost all will to end my life. The only thing I wanted was to bask in this creature's presence.

As if it read my mind, it stopped.

“So be it.”

And hellish fire sprouted from its hands, exploding on the ground just in front of me. The force knocked me back just in front of the door. I was dizzy for a moment, and looked back.

“GET OUT!” Balls of fire formed in its hands again, aimed right for my face.

Unwillingly, I scrambled for the door. There was another explosion as I left, and I scrambled up the metal stairs as I heard the door slam shut. I stopped on the landing to catch my breath. I still couldn't comprehend what I saw, but I knew one thing; it had actually talked to me, noticed my existence.

There was something in this world that I wasn't invisible to.

I had to see it again, but not tonight. I decided to head for home and try again tomorrow. As I turned to leave, I heard a howl come from the chamber. If I didn't know any better, I would say that the sobbing was harder now.

It was rather late when I got home, even though I ran the whole way. My heart was pounding as I leaned against the front door, partially from running three miles, mostly because of what I saw. I was still in shock. I couldn't believe that someone noticed me, never mind that it was a monster that wanted to kill me. It gave me a reason to stay alive another day. I had to see it again.

The house was dark when I finally went inside, my parents were probably passed out. It didn't matter, they probably didn't even notice I was gone. But someone DID notice me today, and that was enough for me to smile uncontrollably until I went to bed, excited for tomorrow.


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