Heavenly Demon, Chapter One

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Heavenly Demon, Chapter One

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Heavenly Demon is a fifteen-chapter novel by RCM staffer Kolemsai.


I hated being invisible, and I couldn't understand why anyone would want to be.

I wasn't literally invisible, but I might as well have been. I sat in my history class, staring off while Mr. Barber lectured us on chapters we were supposed to have read over the weekend. I read them, of course; not a lot of other ways to spend the weekend when you had no friends.

He asked a question, and I raised my hand without even knowing what he said. I was the only one who had their hand raised, yet Mr. Barber didn't call my name. He never did. Instead, he answered his own question and went on with his lecture. That used to upset me, but it happened so often that it no longer phased me.

Yes, this had happened my entire life. I knew I wasn't really invisible. I could see myself in the mirror and showed up in other people’s pictures as some random kid in the background; nobody took pictures of me on purpose. I often wondered if I was dead, like that guy in “The Sixth Sense”, but I'm pretty sure I wasn't. Besides, even that guy had a little kid to talk to.

The bell rang and Mr. Barber dismissed us. I spent my time putting my things in my worn backpack. People tend to bump into invisible kids a lot.

Magsville High was your typical mid-western high school. Not so big that classrooms were crowded and sports teams played against the state's big schools, yet big enough that they didn't have to join with surrounding small towns to get enough students to fill it. I thought about stopping by my locker to see if, for once, it would be unblocked by gossiping teenagers, and as usual, it wasn't. I've wasted time asking them to move before, even going so far as screaming at them and trying to move them by force. It never worked, so I carried all of my books with me.

I entered my last class of the day, English Literature 1, and quietly took my seat. This was by far my favorite class, not just because I spent most of my time reading, but the same reason it was every high school boy's favorite class: Ms. Jones.

If Maxim magazine would have ever found a reason to come to our small town, Ms. Jones would have given them a reason to stay. She was perhaps the most beautiful woman in the world, definitely tops in Magville by a light year. She always wore her dark hair in a tight bun, and her black-framed glasses accentuated her perfect brown eyes and cheekbones. Magville High had a very strict dress code, but it did not seem to apply to this angel; her white blouse was halfway unbuttoned, exposing her perky breasts to the world. Her black pencil skirt was so tight that it did not leave much to the imagination. Every guy in school wanted to be held after class, myself included.

The bell rang and Ms. Jones began roll call. Out of all the teachers I had in the day, she was the only one who still did it. Nobody complained though, as everyone liked the attention. This class was packed, and a true melting pot of all the cliques in school. Roll call took a good chunk of class time for this fact alone. Ms. Jones always liked to mix it up, and today it seemed to be opposite alphabetical day, since she called Angie Young's name first.

“John Tanner.” Everyone, both guys and gals, perked up like a deer that heard a twig snap when their name was called. John replied as if his mouth was full of marshmallows.

Ms. Jones wasn't the only beautiful woman in this class, and my eyes automatically drifted to the second most beautiful woman in class, Ms. Jones' voice becoming a slight buzz in my ear. Alyssa Jones was Ms. Jones' niece, but lived with her while her parents were off in Africa or something. She looked almost exactly like a teenage version of her aunt, her dark hair hung just below her shoulders and she had developed into the same exquisite physique. She was popular, maybe not the most popular girl in school but enough that she was never alone. She was sitting next to a group of football players, hanging on the arm of…

“Jeremy Johnson.” Ms. Jones continued. If you had seen any movie about high school, then Jeremy fit the cliched role of “Most popular guy in school.” As a freshman he was already starting QB of the football team, runner-up for Homecoming King, and all around jerk. He picked on Seniors like he owned the place, and had the entire school under his thumb.

“I'm here, Ms. Jones,” he replied. His blonde hair and blue eyes weren't exactly typical around these parts, as this was mostly a home-grown community, but they gave him extra leverage when he proved he was better than everyone.

“I see that J.J.” Ms. Jones said with a smile. “Good luck this Friday against West Radcliffe. Wouldn't want to tarnish the school's first perfect record in a decade.”

Jeremy laughed. Nothing phased the man. “I just hope you will be there to cheer us on.”

That comment earned a wink as Ms. Jones continued on. “Sandra Iverson. Elizabeth Hale. Andrew Goddard. Steven Francis...”

The room filled with quiet chuckles until a mean look from the large man in the back of the room silenced them all. If Jeremy Johnson was the meanest bully in school, Steve Francis was by far the most dangerous. He was an All-State wrestler at the age of 6, and has been promised a scholarship to the University of Iowa most of his life. He wasn't the smartest guy ever, but he could fight. Since the emergence of Mixed Martial Arts as a mainstream sport, Steve now had a career after college, and he was already training for it. His body showed this, his ripped arms glistened from under his black tank-top as he slumped over his desk. He was a pretty quiet guy unless you pissed him off, which was far too easy to do.

“Devin Anson.”

I raised my hand and verbally acknowledged my attendance. Nobody noticed, not even the angelic teacher. She hesitated for a moment, then scribbled on her sheet, most likely counting me absent. If it wasn't for me turning in homework and tests, nobody would have even known I was there.

With roll call completed, Ms. Jones began the lesson. One good thing about being invisible was I could admire Alyssa without being noticed. She was a pretty good student, and tried to pay attention to her aunt while J.J. kept trying to tickle her, occasionally earning him a soft elbow to the ribs.

I fantasized about being popular, a normal event in my mind. What would it be like to have friends? I didn't even know what it was like to have someone say hi to me, let alone hang out or talk. How great would it be to have a girlfriend? Alyssa was everything I wanted in a girl, but I knew as soon as she moved here a couple of years ago that it was impossible. Hell, I would settle for anyone really. Katie Simmons was fairly ugly, her giant nose and acne ridden face turned guys away, but I would date her in a heartbeat. I used to fantasize about Ms. Jones, but even in my fantasies she ignored me. I couldn't even imagine myself a sexual fantasy.

Time lapsed as depression nestled into its familiar home in my mind. I knew this wasn't what life was supposed to be like. I would rather be beaten up by Steve every day than live like this. I used to think I would grow out of it, but not anymore. I wasn't even sure I would graduate high school. It's hard to pass a student that you didn't know, so thinking about college was out. It felt like my life was over before it even began.

I just wanted someone to notice me. I used to try to get myself in trouble to try to get attention. I stole from stores for a while, which was way too easy. I'd broken windows, sprayed graffiti across town, I even set an abandoned building on fire once. Nobody noticed me, not even when I watched the fire burn with a lighter and a gas can in my hands. Nothing worked. Nothing would ever work.

The bell rang, and I didn't wait for everyone to leave before I sprinted out of the room. I tried to dodge kids in the hallway as I made my way to the exit. I had to get home, this place was suffocating me. I turned the corner at a half sprint, running directly into the 300 pound Marvin Heater, knocking me flat on my ass. He didn't even turn around as I moaned, pushing myself up to my knees. I reached for my bag when it was kicked by someone walking by, causing the bag to rip as it toppled the boy.

“Whose crap is this?” he yelled as he kicked it, sending it toppling down the stairs. The feeble bag split apart as it rolled down the stairs through the gauntlet of students, causing my books and papers to be flung about. I just sat there and watched my belongings be trampled and shoved aside, ruining them all.

I waited for the hall to clear before I started to gather my things. The bag was ruined, a couple of my books were now missing covers, and most of my papers were ripped an illegible from footprints.

I'd had it. This was my breaking point. I stormed out of the building, pushing on the door as hard as I could as I headed for home.

Tonight I would end it all. Tonight I was going to kill myself, and I was willing to bet that nobody was going to miss me.


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