RCM Fanfic - Varyar: Da Bark Lurd Saga Episode 6

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RCM Fanfic - Varyar: Da Bark Lurd Saga Episode 6

Postby JLMcCafferty » Sat Dec 06, 2014 7:12 pm

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Hax adjusted the button of his suit jacket and debated whether to don his overcoat before leaving the terminal. It was difficult to gauge the temperature outside. Half of the people he’d encountered since exiting the plane were dressed in shorts and tee-shirts, while the other half bundled up in parkas and stiletto heels.

I’m not sure I’ll ever understand Americans, he thought.

Upon retrieving his luggage, he decided to chance it; from the row of taxis he spotted outside the glass doors, he guessed it wouldn’t be that far to the Baroness’s vehicle anyhow. Varyar hadn’t given him much of a description to go on, just that she drove a white car and would be the one who looked slightly out of place even though you couldn’t quite figure out why. As he passed the final automatic doors into the gloomy Cleveland morning, he suddenly understood what his friend meant.

Surrounded as she was by the bustle of taxis and street hustlers, the serenity of her movements made her undoubtedly stand out just as much as her conservative appearance helped her blend in. She was looking away from him as he exited the terminal, a slight breeze catching both the edge of her chestnut hair and the ruffle of her trenchcoat as she leaned against the bonnet of her sedan. It was impressive how the light colors contrasted so steeply against the soddish gray of the rainclouds overhead. As she tapped her foot absentmindedly against the tyre, he couldn’t help but notice she had on simple black flats – thank God at least one American woman wore sensible shoes.

“You’re a bit smaller than I’d pictured, Baroness.”

She flashed a warm smile even before she’d fully turned. “I get that a lot. Though to be fair, I always pictured you looking like a younger version of Clive Owen, with the playful demeanor of Tom Hiddleston.”

He felt his cheeks flush a little. “Ah, well…”

Baroness tried unsuccessfully to stifle a giggle. “Don’t worry, I’m not disappointed. How was your flight?”

Hax rolled his eyes as he wheeled his luggage to the already-open boot. “Well, given the intimate nature with which your TSA agents choose to work, I felt we should have at least exchanged telephone numbers afterward. However, the first class accommodations were quite good. Especially since it was on Varyar’s ten cents.”

“Well, you came so short-notice, it’s the least he could do. But given what Arnold said…” Her smile faded as she trailed off, and Hax’s mind too went to their missing friend.

“But that’s why we’re all here, to get him back.” Baroness forced some resolve into her voice; for her, it wasn’t if, but when they would find Bio. She kept talking as she started around to the driver’s seat. “Edge is already at headquarters taking a rest; he drove up as soon as he heard and just got in a few hours ago. Killer and Lyserg were excited about the opportunity to ‘lock and load battle buddies,’ so they weren’t allowed to fly up but will be driving instead. Killer’s pretty sure if they take turns driving through the night, they should be here by this time tomorrow morning. Varyar and Arnold took the chopper to Bio’s house this morning and plan to be back later this evening.”

Hax tossed Baroness’s sunhat to the back and slipped into the cream cloth seat. “And Baron?”

“Gamestop. It’s the holiday season, so I don’t know when we'll see him."

“Ah. What’s this?” Hax noticed a green cup with his name on it sitting in the side cup holder.

“Oh, I hope that’s not cold now.” Baroness cast a worried glance over as she eased the car through the maze of the airport. “I wasn’t sure how you took your tea, so I just put one cream and sugar in it. There’s more in the console if you need it. It isn’t the greatest tea, but it’s the best I could do on the go.”

“I’m sure it will be fine.” Hax was touched by the gesture and took an appreciative sip as he gazed over what constituted for the Cleveland skyline. She was right, the tea was terrible, although he was too polite to ever so much as hint at that. But Starbucks usually was, so he didn’t blame Baroness for that. Besides, he was fairly certain Varyar wouldn’t have made the effort to bring a drink. Killer might, but only if it came in a hip flask.

“You know,” he mentioned as Baroness merged onto the motorway, “I also never expected you to drive an automatic.”

She glanced over at him incredulously. “Really? You think it’s a good idea to put my temper in a six-speed?”

“Well, when you put it that way…” Hax had to chuckle. “Still, I feel you’d still be a less scary driver than some of the others.”

As Hax took another sip of his tea, he missed the mischievous twinkle forming in the blue of Baroness’s eyes before she quick-shifted to the far lane and floored it.


The chopper touched down in front of a stereotypical white clapboard in the heart of Americana. A low hedge grew inside the picket fence surrounding a neatly trimmed and surprisingly lush front lawn, the edged garden path snaking crisply through the green to connect the sidewalk to a country-blue front door. From the feeder at the side of the house chirped a pair of red cardinals who flew off as Varyar and the Governator approached the gate.

“This cannot possibly be the right fucking house,” Varyar muttered as he checked the address Edge had sent to his phone. He went to the spot where Bio’s notes in the RCM archive had indicated the secret spare key would be, took another incredulous look around the lawn, and unlocked the door.
The inside at least looked more like a gamer pad. Varyar counted five different consoles in the shared living room, and the wall outlets were jumbled with charge cords for a plethora of devices. A quick sweep of the house confirmed that the roommates were at their day jobs – no one to bear witness to what may have happened to their missing friend. Not knowing whether the Bark Lurd’s minions had bugged Bio’s house, Varyar nodded to Arnold as their pre-determined signal he was going to search upstairs.

Bio’s room was laid out pretty much as Varyar thought it would be: a couple framed anime prints on the wall, a bag of Cadbury Minis on the nightstand, bookcases full of user manuals and software cases, a stack of Thai films by the TV. Nothing all that unusual, until he noticed the display case hanging above the computer desk.

"What the f-"

“Is your friend an equestrian?” Arnold asked as he followed Varyar into the room. “Vhy do his little horses have pictures on dem?”

Varyar gingerly picked up a gray figurine with a SCAR for a cutie mark; that one had to be Killer. The green one sporting a hoodie and a ghost mark must be Baron’s. “They’re ponies,” Varyar muttered in disbelief. His eyes roamed the shelf, picking out each of his RCM friends in their modded pony form – Baroness was rendered in a soft pink with a book on her bottom, Vampy in red with streaked hair and a cookie for her mark. As he lifted a figure sporting a slightly bushy dark beard, he heard a recording of his own voice casually greeting, “What’s up, fuckers?”

“This is so wrong. This is so very, very wrong.”

“Vhat is this doll by da computer?” Arnold grimaced and gestured towards the computer, where a small black Elmo grinned mockingly at them from the side of the monitor. That was certainly out of place, but aside from that and a few scratches on the floor, Bio’s desk looked pristine. Varyar carefully packed up the tower to take back to Hax and started back to the chopper as Arnold debated whether or not to borrow the stack of DVDs.

On the way back to the chopper, they discussed what to do next. Varyar tried to ignore the gnawing concern about where they’d be if Hax couldn’t pull anything more off Bio’s hard drive – so far, they had very little to go on and every moment they delayed was another moment Bio was in danger. Lost in his thoughts, he almost dropped the computer when Arnold suddenly reached over to stop his movement. Looking up, he caught a glimpse of something blue ducking behind a tree and out of sight down the street. His Marine senses tingling, Varyar slowly and carefully approached the chopper. Spotting the brick of C4 with another black Elmo doll on the seat, he yelled for Arnold to get back and started running full force away from the chopper. They barely cleared Bio’s neatly trimmed hedge for cover when the aircraft burst in a fireball.

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Re: Varyar: The Fanfic - Episode 6

Postby Lyserg » Sat Dec 06, 2014 7:26 pm

Another great chapter Baroness. Keep them coming.
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Re: Varyar: The Fanfic - Episode 6

Postby Manly_Stuff » Sun Dec 07, 2014 2:07 pm

I am very disappointed the Baroness is not a Mary Sue.
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Re: Varyar: The Fanfic - Episode 6

Postby Gorione » Tue Dec 09, 2014 1:35 pm

Better work Highlander in there somewhere Baroness, else he'll start complaining. Such as he did with the Balance Break comic.

Although, if he does complain, you can do what Shriggs did to him in that comic. Stick him in a rape dungeon. :lol:
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