Varyar: The Fanfic - Episode One

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Varyar: The Fanfic - Episode One

Postby JLMcCafferty » Tue Nov 11, 2014 10:27 pm

Episode One: In which Varyar Narrowly Escapes a Devil’s Threeway

He walked into the bank lobby, clad only in his Converse tennies and an adult-sized giraffe onesie. From the other side of the counter she noticed his cool shades and the lack of ring on his left finger. ‘I can help the next customer,’ she said to him in a suggestive manner.

‘I just need a new bank card, ma’am,’ he said, not catching the meaning in her statement.

A bunch of stuff happened. There was flirting. For the first time since the debacle with Vampyr and Enoby and that bitch Brittany (he couldn't STAND all that pink), Varyar was feeling pretty damn good about himself. He said something funny. The teller laughed. And then, just as things started to seem a little too good to be true, the other shoe dropped.

“Ooooh, cute AND funny. My husband would LOVE that.”

Varyar hesitated, his spidey-senses tingling. The teller licked her lips and asked for his number.

He grabbed his bank card off the counter and ran, never returning to that bank ever again.
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