As A Friend I Warn You To Watch Out For What Is To Come

As A Friend I Warn You To Watch Out For What Is To Come

Postby Captivus » Wed May 25, 2016 9:56 pm
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This is the way by which the Devil could take over the world. I've never seen such a sure-fire way of talking over the world. This may be the perfect way by which to shape the minds of everyone of earth to the "devil's message" and they will be happy to let it happen. Never before have I seen such a threat to the well being of the Human race. Did nukes wipe us out? No. But this could. The Nazis convinced people of Germany that the Jews were bad, so the Jews were killed. This system could convince the world that any group of people are just as deserving of being "removed" of society.

I Beg you friends. Watch out for this for your own sake and the sake of those you love. For if you dismiss what I'm saying as some crazy conspiracy theory. Then by the time you realize I'm right, it will be far too late. Sadly as I type this. It may already be too late. And I'm just saying this building could burn down just right before the fire consumes us all.
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