Doctor Who Series 8

Doctor Who Series 8

Postby Sayomara » Sun Nov 23, 2014 3:51 pm

Now that Doctor who series 8 is over I'm wondering what other people thought of it. I'm been thinking about doing a bigger post on the subject but I just have a strong meh for the series 8 right now.

I now the show runner Steven Moffet has said he wanted to make the show more thought provoking which I'm in favor of. However when there is a clearly right moral answer then it fails to do so. For example in Kill the Moon there is supposed to be this huge moral question about should they kill the moon or not. But the moon turns out to be giant dragon which the first thing it does is lay a new moon. So all is as it was. From a tv point of view there is clearly a "Right" choice so I guess when dealing with all this life and death issue the show tries to be thought provoking but ends up failing.

That said I do like the new Doctor, and Danny Pink. As well as episodes like Listen and Time Heist but more than that after the midpoint of the series I'm really starting to have some deep thoughts about how much Doctor Who is show worth watching for me.

What do you all think of Series 8?
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Re: Doctor Who Series 8

Postby SamMeasa » Tue Dec 29, 2015 7:16 pm

It was the first season for this doctor so I'm giving it a larger pass then I would normally. This doctor kind of remind me of the third, fifth and sixth doctor's.
For those who didn't see the origional show's I'll do a quick run down.
Peter Davison (the fifth doctor) had a rocky start in Castrovalva. Long time fans of the show will even recall where he said that that regeneration "was going to be a tough one". basically the doctor had some stability issues, maybe it was because he had just taken a swan dive off a radio tower to his death.
Colin Baker (the sixth Doctor) on the other hand just started out crazy. He came out in "The Twin Dilemma" trying to kill his companion Perry, apologizing for his actions, then desiding that the best way to fix his Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde mentality is to spend one thousand years in meditation as a hermit with Perry as his disciple. Sure by the end of the episode he's back to being as normal as it can be for the Doctor.
Finally Jon Pertwee's doctor didn't have the option of his looks in "Spear Head from Space" the time lords banished him to earth. As to why the doctor had the face of Lobus Caecilius, I've blamed the Time Lords for this. After all what better way to remind some one they are the only hope to bring their race back them write it all over their face.

All right now on to the meat of the topic. The Doctor and Clare Oswald.
Clare and the Doctor over all are mildly entertaining this season. Clare as some other pointed out all ready didn't really fit as a partner to the doctor under Smith. Being the human element to a grumpy out of touch old man made her more believable as a companion then her previous roll as the impossible girl.
Peter Capaldi's doctor is over 2000 years old with P.T.S.D. that no one can imagine and he plays up the old grumpy man like no ones business. Even telling people to get off his lawn every where he goes, Even if the lawn isn't his.
The season over all isn't the best. every first season for a doctor is rocky. That explains the Robot of Sherwood and Kill the Moon episodes doesn't it?
The writer's do a good job reminding us of where the doctor's been by having Capaldi drop little tidbits here and there about his pass adventures. Clare works at Coal Hill school where the show began, In teh Robot of Sherwood the doctor thinks they might be trapped in a Miniscope and other small mentions of such.
Missy being the final villein (and the latest incarnation of the master) threw the entire season really didn't spark my interest. I kind of wanted to see her come back the next season and show that she'd taken up an old habit of doll making,
As for the finally and Christmas episode. I wasn't that impressed to see that Missy was building a cyberman army and then gives it to the Doctor? Really what is with her trying to impress him. They might be the last of the time lords, but does she think they'll run off and do the Adam and Eve thing? More importantly while the Cybermen have had the long habit of the assimilation of all lifeforms. But this time did they really need to go and make it something they could do in seconds?
Finally brain eating head crabs? Was that the best they could come up with to get Santa Clause and the doctor in the same show?

Over all its not the best season. I found season nine to be the better story wise.
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