Free To Invade Friday: League of Legends

Free To Invade Friday: League of Legends

Postby Edge Damodred » Thu Jul 11, 2013 4:56 am

Wait? Did we not just do this game a few months ago? Well since we changed the format all games got unlocked and apparently you all want to see Varyar and Lilrex charge head first into mobs and enemies and die horrendously again! And now you get your wish because we going back to League of Legends. Let's see if community member Gabran can come up with a decent objective for us to accomplish. If it is 'Do Not Suck' then we have already all failed miserably.

Join us at 9:30PM EST after Dead Air for the event! You can chat with us during the event by joining us in Teamspeak ( and party up with us! Hopefully we'll have enough to face more than bots this time! If you're not up to participating you can always view the event on our Twitch channel.
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