RCM Announces New Fall Content, Schedule Switches

RCM Announces New Fall Content, Schedule Switches

Postby JLMcCafferty » Thu Sep 22, 2016 11:54 pm

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Big things are happening next week as RCM gets ready for its NEW FALL* CONTENT!!!

From RCM Writing, the next chapter of Baron's supernatural thriller The Girl In Green comes out Friday, Sept. 23 and is slated to continue through the fall and winter. Meanwhile, the newest RCM adventure, Rogue Agent, makes its much-awaited debut on Monday, Sept. 26.

Over on our Twitch channel, RCM's live stream schedule gets a bit of a shake-up this week as Baron and Varyar are filling in for Deededee. Baron will host a Monday edition of Baron Busts on Sept. 26, while Varyar will start his Wednesday Roughnecks stream a bit earlier in the evening.

Dee's not slouching, though - he's taking some extra office time to finish up details for RCM's new Dungeons and Dragons show! Adventures In Adelmar premieres Saturday, Oct. 1 at 5 PM ET/ 4 PM CT and will run on alternating Saturdays starting October 29. The show will follow the adventures of a band of interesting characters, played by Bubba, Lyserg, Velvet Dove, Vampy, Vible, and BiomedAlchemist. Chaos Will Ensue and Velvet's new solo stream Girl Fight! will move to an alternating Saturday schedule opposite Adventures in Adelmar.

We have a few more tricks up our sleeves as we get ready for long nights and cooler days. Check back here at rivalcastmedia.com for more news and updates as we get closer to Halloween!

*That's 'autumn' for you British-types.
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