Killer McCoy Arraigned; Trial Set for Friday at 9:30 ET

Killer McCoy Arraigned; Trial Set for Friday at 9:30 ET

Postby JLMcCafferty » Thu Jun 02, 2016 11:16 pm

Killer McCoy, cohost of RCM's round table discussion show RCM On Tap, was arrested last Friday at the end of the group's regular broadcast on the charges of conspiracy to commit sedition against the governing body of RivalCastia. The charges stem from a surprisingly prompt and incendiary response McCoy gave during episode 68 of Tap, in which the accused stated he would "steal all the passwords," "screw everyone over," and "destroy RivalCast from within" in order to obtain access to everything in the entire Steam library for the rest of his life. Being touted as "the Trial of the Century," the proceedings are set to begin at at 9:30 PM ET and will be aired live on the RivalCast Media Twitch channel.

At McCoy's arraignment Tuesday, defense attorney Biomed "Matlock" Alchemist vowed to "clear Killer's name" and demanded the charges be dropped due to what he referred to as "an egregious violation of standard police procedure" in McCoy's arrest. Given the reactions of the judge during the episode in question, it seems unlikely the charges will be dropped prior to Friday's court date. Alchemist promised reporters that a number of witnesses would take the stand to speak on McCoy's behalf, though he added that "the correct interpretation of the law is on our side. I intend to prove Killer McCoy's rights were violated, and the truth will speak for itself."

Lead persecutor Baroness von Gosu, however, is confident in the state's case against McCoy. "While shocking and unexpected, Killer's conduct during Episode 68 just serves to validate accusations which have swirled for a long time. We have witnesses who have been alerting the authorities for a long time to the concern that Killer was ready to snap, and now it appears we've found the fuse that could ignite that powder keg. It's unfortunate. I really like Killer on a personal level, but as a public servant I must act in the best interests of RivalCastia and ensure the safety of her people." When asked for comment, McCoy sighed heavily and muttered, "Jesus Christ, I'm gonna die."

The Vegas line at press time was 4:1 against a McCoy acquittal.
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