Halloween Extravaganza at RCM!

Halloween Extravaganza at RCM!

Postby JLMcCafferty » Wed Oct 28, 2015 1:48 pm

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Spirits of all types will be out in force this weekend as RCM gears up for Halloween! We've got a number of events planned throughout the weekend to give chills and thrills to the RCM community:

*RCM On Tap kicks off the weekend with a special Halloween edition. Magneto (played by Scyther Podcasts' Karl) joins the Fourth Chair and tries to take over the moderator seat. Will he succeed? Find out Friday night - this pre-recorded episode will drop on Youtube at our normal airtime of 9:30 PM ET.

*Baron's planning a horror game for his Friday night edition of Baron Busts. Due to real life commitments (i.e. the Baroness actually wants to see a horror movie!!!!), he'll air at a later time - watch the RCM Twitter feed Friday for details)

*Halloween itself starts off with the final chapter of Scyther Podcasts' audio drama for Batman: The Long Halloween dropping in the morning (totally intentional! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!). If you haven't checked out the talents of Karl, Devious, and the rest of the Scyther crew, catch up here!

*Around 2 PM ET, Baron and Vampy are teaming up for a special horror game Let's Play

*Following that, Chaos Will Ensue will host their own special Halloween episode (we think Vampy's gonna scare Velvet...or maybe the other way around! Shhhh!). The ladies go live at their normal 5 PM ET time slot.

*At 8:30 ET, grab some treats and join us for our Saturday Community activity - we're watching horror movies!

*Highlander and Varyar have some tricks up their sleeves for The Rival Cast, going live at 11 PM

*Wrapping up your weekend, Ghost in the Podcast will recap the best of this week's news in spooks and horror Sunday at 5 ET. The hosts may or may not be in numerous costumes.
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