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RCM Fanfic - Varyar: Da Bark Lurd Saga Episode 2*
Nov 12th 2014
EPISODE TWO: In which Varyar meets a great quasi-American hero and tries to make a sweet sale
The clock read five minutes to nine. It seemed like an hour since the minute hand had last ticked closer to closing time. Varyar had contemplated closing the shop early – this was the slow season, and he'd only had a handful of browsers shuffle through during his shift – but as much as he knew his internet fans would love for him to start his show on time, it was his obligation, nay, his duty to keep his business open until closing time.
Five minutes. He stifled a yawn and rearranged a display of tennis balls for the umpteenth time.
Varyar: The Fanfic - Episode One
Nov 12th 2014
Episode One: In which Varyar Narrowly Escapes a Devil's Threeway
He walked into the bank lobby, clad only in his Converse tennies and an adult-sized giraffe onesie. From the other side of the counter she noticed his cool shades and the lack of ring on his left finger. 'I can help the next customer,' she said to him in a suggestive manner.
'I just need a new bank card, ma'am,' he said, not catching the meaning in her statement.