Hunt - Chapter Nineteen
~ 19 ~
19 Arodus, 4692 AR; Kenabres

Light flared as Radiance arced up to deflect the halberd again. With a growl, the red-armored half-orc stepped back to regain his balance. Before he was able to launch another attack, Shayliss flicked the head of her grappling hook at his face. Only quick reaction saved him from a stunning blow, but the attack did its job well. It gave Shayliss a chance to pull Anevia back by her leather straps.

The scout was deadweight, her shock so great that the only signs that she was alive were her soft breaths. Shayliss grunted with effort as she practically threw the scout onto the bed of the bedroom. Anevia made no reaction.


Shayliss spun around, blade held up, just in time to deflect a blue-grey halberd. Sparks flew from the connected weapons lighting the half-orc’s burly and scarred face. Two more strikes thrust at her and she was barely able to parry them aside. She was surprised at his quick attacks. They were virtually invisible and she could only guess at where they were coming from.

Ducking down to avoid a swipe to her head, Shayliss pulled her foot back and thrust forward with her longsword, aiming the blade at the armored chestplate. When the tip was about an inch from his body, there was a flash of purple-white light and Shayliss felt her arm get tossed aside. This causes her shoulder to slam into whatever spell he had over himself spinning her out of control.

She could only watch the blade of the halberd descend upon her head. A swift tug to the half-orc’s arm sent the trail of the halberd from her head to her arm, leaving a medium sized gash. Trying to ignore the pain racing up and down her limb, Shayliss rolled from her prone position to a kneeling one. As she did, Snaga slammed a gauntleted fist into a red-tinted helmet. He then grabbed the halberd-wielder’s face and shoved him out of the bedroom.

“I’ll stand at the door.†Shayliss yelled, moving toward the doorway out of the bedroom, “Keep him in the sitting room.â€

Snaga, after tossing the halberder into the fireplace, positioned himself close to the bedroom door. Mordira, nearly mirroring him, stood next to him ready to hold the halberder back. The rest of the group surrounded the half-orc, flanking him at every opportunity.

Shayliss would have thought that the half-orc would try to take care of those surrounding him first. That way, there would be no-one to fight him when he charged for the bedroom. Yet, he seemed fixated on Anevia. Using his halberd to shove Strune aside, he rushes right for the bedroom door. Shayliss held her longsword up in a parrying stance but there was no reason to. Mordria and Snaga both reached out. Mordria grabbed the half-orc’s chestplate while Snaga used both hands to grab the halberd.

This time, they do not let go. They struggle against the half-orc, making sure he cannot break their line. At the sound of a straining bow, he ducked down. At the same time, he tugged hard at his halberd. Neither Snaga nor Mordria expected the motion and were sent to the ground as well. Behind them, Shayliss found the flash of an iron tipped arrow. Letting out a small yelp, she ducked to the ground as well and felt the arrow sail over her head.

She looked up in time to see the half-orc right in front of her again. Her blade rose up to meet the axe-like blade. There was no way she would be able to hold back the weapon for long. Not only was she injured and tired, but the pure weight of the weapon was pressing down upon her. As if listening to her thoughts, the halberd suddenly disappeared and the sudden loss of weight threw her off balance. Sparks showed that Strune had approached from behind the half-orc and he spun to attack. Blade met shield and Shayliss watched Strune stumble backward.

Attempting to use the half-orc’s attack against him, Shayliss lunged forward aiming for a small gap in his armor plates. She managed to get past whatever spell he had on himself and her blade sank deep into his side.

Screaming in pain, the halberder spun back around, raising his weapon to slam down upon Shayliss. At the same time she raised her longsword, the twang of a bowstring pierced the air. The arrow entered the halberder’s hand. As he screamed again, Shayliss could see the arrowhead poking out of his palm. That does not stop him from making an awkward one handed attack. The shaft of the halberd slammed into Shayliss’s side and her head then connected with the wood of the doorframe.

The half-orc then twisted around and arced his weapon back into the sitting room, catching Mordria and Strune off-guard. Snaga had managed to duck until the arc and rose with an uppercut. The spikes of his gauntlet cut into the halberder’s chin, leaving trails of blood. The impact also sent him off of his feet and he failed to land properly. This gives Strune the chance she needed to thrust Radiance forward. Shayliss saw the light pierce the half-orc’s heart and come out the other side.

Yet, he continues to struggle, reaching out to punch at Strune’s arm. When that does not work, he reaches out to grab the blade impaling him. Failing that, he goes back to her arm, until the last of his life leaves him.

“Her blood.†He rasped, “Her blood her blood.â€
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