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The Fireside Tales: Hunt
Hunt - Chapter Six
Sep 15th
~ 6 ~
17 Arodus, 4692 AR; Under Kenabres
After recovering from that massive fight by Strune and Kaira's healing magic, making sure everyone was still in one piece and scouring the dwarf's campsite in the next cavern over, the group continued moving forward. As they did, Aravashnial talked about the statues they found in the first cavern. Apparently, they were supposed to depict those from the First Crusade who were supposed to have left the surface to live under the ground. Abyssal energies from the initial battles had corrupted the crusaders and their children started to be born malformed, fiendish, half-creature. They left their homes in order to raise their children outside the scrutiny of the surviving crusaders.
Hunt - Chapter Five
Sep 8th
~ 5 ~
17 Arodus, 4692 AR; Under Kenabres
"Damn. I was afraid of this."
Hunt - Chapter Four
Sep 1st
~ 4 ~16 Arodus 4692 AR; Temple of Torag Courtyard
Fearing the worst, Shayliss yelled, "Strune! Go!"
Strune was already moving though. Her plated feet clanged against the stone of the temple as she ran as fast as she could outside. Mordria and Kaira, with Blueeye, were close behind, rounding the corner of the antechamber to head around the back of the temple. Slower than them, Shayliss and Snaga took the rear.
Hunt - Chapter Three
Aug 25th
~ 3 ~
16 Arodus 4692 AR; Under Kenabres
The caverns were silent. Shayliss had expected to be hearing something from the world above, assuming the demons were still assaulting the city. Some thuds, shaking, or cries from further in the tunnel maybe. However, the only sounds they heard were the drips of moisture and the group's footsteps. Maybe Shayliss wanted those noises. It would mean that she at least had an idea of what was ahead of them or behind them. The silence was worse for its uncertainty.
Hunt - Chapter Two
Aug 18th
~ 2 ~
16 Arodus 4692 AR; Clydwell Plaza, Kenabres
"-test weakness is."
Hunt - Chapter One
Aug 11th
~ 1 ~
16 Arodus 4692 AR; Clydwell Plaza, Kenabres
Shadowshine, a black horse with red eyes, huffed as Shayliss tied his reins to the pole. He had been very restless throughout the ride and, as usual, loved to give the woman problems. It was done to amuse him and Shayliss learned long ago to just go with the flow. She patted his side twice and he gave her another huff practically saying Go away now. Strune chuckled at seeing that, "Has a bit of attitude, huh?"
Hunt - Prologue
Aug 4th
~ P ~???
The daylight shone down bright on Sandpoint and the fields around Sandpoint. The past week had been nothing but rain and the ground was over saturated with the water. It was great to finally see the sun shining on the city that had survived the Mad Queen of Thistletop. Just a couple of miles south of the cliff where the two women sat, the city was going about a relatively normal day. Everyone seemed to have calmed down from the events and while mourning still hung in the air it was not as horrible as it was before. Which was good for the people of Sandpoint, of course, but also for the two women as one of the Heroes of Sandpoint was finally able to rest.
And that is what Valtyra did.