Rogue Agent - Index
Rogue Agent (RCM FanFic Book 3)

Prologue - In which a treachery is foretold.

Chapter 1 - In which a web ninja finally arrives home...only to find a quiet, normal life appears to be out of his reach.

Chapter 2 - In which the Baroness gets her own visitor from the past trying to influence her future.

Chapter 3 - In which Killer realizes a dream come true, and Hax finds a nightmare about to begin.

Chapter 4 - In which deceptions are spoken, a plan is hatched, and a dinner is burned.

Chapter 5 - In which Baroness is not happy, and Vampy takes charge.

Chapter 6 - In which Hax learns about Vible's new religion, and Baroness admits to subterfuge.

Chapter 7a - In which plans are made.

Chapter 7b - In which Hax encounters the hidden sides of his homeland.

Chapter 8a - In which Killer forgets some vital bureaucracy forms, and Hax gets a sweet spy car.

Chapter 8b - (to be published 2017-05-19)
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