An RCM Christmas
An RCM Christmas
'Twas the night before Christmas, and thanks to a glitch

on Teamspeak I found my access had a switch:

In ninja-stealth mode I was able to sneak

inside of the Staff Room to have a quick peek.

The seating was plush; the carpet, white shag

Near the fireplace Bella’s tail started to wag

When what to my wondering eyes did appear,

But a full-out oak bar tapped with eight types of beer,

Then the Star Spangled Banner notes played from afar

I knew in a moment it must be Varyar!

More rapid than eagles his staff members came,

And he whistled, and shouted, and called them by name:

"Yo, Killer! hey, Bio! hi Baron and Vampy!

Sayo, Hax, Baroness, Velvet Dove, and Dee!

It’s now eight minutes past, and thus time to convene

to plan out all our plots for year 2016.

We have streams to be scheduled and scripts to be done.

Now’s the time for ideas - let’s go â€~round one by one.â€

“I vote for more Chaos!†cheered Velvet with glee,

“These Sims streams turned out to be so fun for me!â€

Chimed in Baroness, “I’m working on new stories

that chronicle all of Team RCM’s glories.

It should start early summer, but word to the wise -

pay attention, because now the team’s dealing with spies.â€

[“For the last time…†Hax started,

“I know…†she replies]

Then Bio continued “Big plans for On Tap,

though The Olive wants segments where we all have to rap.

But the guests we have planned out are truly sublime;

Friday nights are certain to be a good time.â€

“Indeed,†added Killer, “the guests will be great,

but what I’m most excited for are the things we create.

Creative’s got skits planned just for the Youtubes

That make our team stand out from those internet noobs.

Baron’s working on intros for all our big streams

and some horror-bent stuff that is sure to draw screams.

I don’t want to share too much right now, just give framing,

but there might be a new series that has Baroness gaming.â€

Next up was the web ninja, stifling a yawn

as he tried not to think of how close was the dawn,

“I’ve made a few tweaks to the website of late,

nothing major - just scripts to keep things running straight.

and your new bits are coming. Still, I feel I must warn,

Irritate me whilst coding and I’ll release donkey-â€

“Wait,†Baroness interrupted. “Who’s that in the corner?â€

I knew I’d been found

and attempted to retreat without making a sound.

The meeting now over prompts Varyar to shoutâ€"

“Merry Christmas to all, now get the fuck out!â€
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Fantastic!!!!! Great job!
Very well done and very cool.. but WHO was that hiding the corner? will we find out?!?!