RCM FanFic - Agents of ARACHNOS, Ep. 27
Episode 27 - Boss Fight


“WHY THE HELL DID YOU LET HER OUT OF YOUR SIGHT?!†Varyar yelled over his shoulder as the stock of his rifle made contact with the skull of a lunging arachnid.

“She was SLEEPING!†came Bio’s exasperated response as he reloaded Mr. Blasty with a fresh supply of shells. “How was I supposed to...â€

He paused long enough to fire a round through an advancing spider monster just as it was rearing back to spray them with webbing, then clocked another one with the butt of his gun as he swung back around to face Varyar.

“As I was saying, how was I supposed to know she’d get up and go all warrior princess on a bunch of spiders? I thought she was in a safe space, and then a giant monster showed up.â€

Their argument was interrupted by Lyserg’s yells of “WHEEEEEE!†as he galloped by on the back of one of the arachnids, the creature bucking and kicking its spindly legs like a bronco while the Texan held on with one hand, cowboy style.

“Are you SEEING her fighting moves?†Dee hollered over the melee. On the other side of the crowd, they could occasionally see Baroness’s head pop up in between swings of her mighty stick. “I’m just sayin, she did NOT do that well when we played Street Fighter. Hey...maybe we should set up a camera and make her play Wii games for stream.â€

“She won’t do it,†Killer said. “She gets frustrated too easily. Have you ever seen her try to do that yoga zen game on her Wii Fit board?â€

“Yeah, she gets a little violent with that,†Varyar agreed. “We need to figure out something to help her to...ugh. Hang on.â€

He quickly dispatched three more of Arachnos’s agents as they dropped from the ceiling, their bodies exploding under the impact of the FN’s rounds and showering those underneath with a phosphorescent goo. From somewhere in the fight, Vampy’s voice let out a string of expletives as she was unceremoniously drenched in spider carcass.

“Sorry, Vampy!â€

His friend’s response came in the form of a hurled spider corpse landing at Varyar’s feet.

Bio raised an eyebrow. “That’s messed up.â€

Killer sighed and shook his head as he readied his next shot. “She’ll get over it.â€

Across the room, Hax and Bennett were also exterminating as many of the pests as possible, trying to pick off additional attackers as they dropped from the ceiling while simultaneously providing cover fire for the crazed Baroness. From their vantage point on the stage, it was clear that the RivalTeam was winning: in spite of the agents of Arachnos’ superior numbers at the beginning, the army was highly disorganized, and the leader scurried off as soon as Baroness started swinging. This gave Hax some small degree of comfort; although Baroness was doing surprisingly well in her bug-bashing, she was showing signs of fatigue, and he was certain any exertions against a major boss would be catastrophic. Still, without knowing where the creature went or when it might return, the web ninja’s priority was to close the gap between their position and that of the rest of their team as quickly as possible.

Bennett, too, was watching Baroness closely, though for different reasons. Her movements, though slightly clumsy in her exhausted and drugged state, betrayed more than just a novice aptitude for combat. There was calculation going on behind those pale eyes, her maneuvers thought through and deliberated in the fraction of a second between each strike. Structurally her body was small, but she clearly understood the physics of fighting and compensated well. If the venom still coursing through her veins kept her a little off kilter, Bennett could only imagine the precision and grace of which a fully cognizant Baroness would be capable.

And that thought convinced him more than ever that his initial surmise about her background was correct. The only question now was, to whom did her loyalties belong?

“How many rounds do you have left?†Hax’s voice broke into the spy’s thoughts.

Bennett checked his magazine and grimaced. “Seven. Wait…†he said as he sniped another spider, “...six. You?â€

“Four.†Hax gazed out over the room, noting the sporadic patches of movement remaining. The fact that the boss spider was still nowhere to be seen made him uneasy, and he’d feel much better when they weren’t sitting out in the open. “I’m thinking you cover us while we make a run to the others, then I’ll cover you while you run.â€

Bennett smirked. “And how do I know this isn’t your clever plot to leave me as a sacrifice to Arachnos?â€

Hax gasped in astonishment, offended his counterpart would even think him capable of such a thing. “Because unlike you, I wouldn’t dream of fucking over a teammate in the heat of battle. And like it or not, we have to work together if we want to get out of this situation.â€

Bennett pondered this a moment, staring deeply at the other man for any hint of deception. Satisfied, he shrugged and nodded toward the Baroness. “Right, then. You get the girl, we’ll reconvene on the other side.â€

Hax turned and watched Baroness crack another dog-sized arachnid over the head with her stick before launching it backwards from underneath, panting a little as she watched the body land with a crash on a nearby table. She stifled a yawn as her friend quickly approached.

“Oh, good,†she muttered sleepily. “You’ve come to heal me. I was getting awfully tired.â€

“Erm, sure,†Hax replied, tugging at her elbow as he tried to think of how to best convince her to move along. “Except, um, we have to go...to...a save point. Over there, where Varyar is.â€

“Ooooh, I didn’t know he was playing! Hi, V!†Baroness waved with glee in the direction of a very confused-looking Varyar, who tentatively raised his own hand in a return half-wave before smiting one of the remaining spiders.

“Right, then. Come with me quickly, please. We’ll get to the save point, and you can rest, and then we’ll all feel much better in the…â€

Hax cut off abruptly as eight large, glowing red eyes suddenly appeared directly above them. The creature hadn’t looked so large from the stage, or maybe this was a different mutant from the one he’d seen before. It still wore a crown, and its body was massive - the beast had the girth of four men. As it slowly started its descent from the rafters, Hax could see the creature was lightly covered in a ginger-coloured fur over its black body. He swiftly drew his gun on the creature, but before he had a chance to fire, the demon shot a wad of sticky webbing and knocked the weapon from the web-ninja’s hand, plastering it on the floor behind them.

Baroness stood watching it with shining eyes and a devilish grin. “All right,†she whispered excitedly. “Boss fight!â€


Baron’s resolve faltered when he heard the unmistakable snap of vertebrae at the end of what seemed an eternity of moans and heavy breathing. It is said that one should pursue work that excites and impassions them. Absinthe, rather than merely enjoying her work, took on a sadistic glee as she personally attended to each of her victims.

Baron swallowed hard, closing his eyes as he heard the slow clack of her heels start toward him once more. He struggled against his bindings, but it was no use - there was only one way to get loose, and that one way meant he would have to…

“Mr. von Gosu.â€
Baron opened his eyes and tried hard not to gasp. Absinthe had pulled out all the stops. She was posed about three feet away, hip out, black hair loose and tumbling down in messy waves around and past her shoulders. Her jumpsuit, zipped up to the neck before, was now open halfway down the front, exposing the milky white skin of her impossibly round breasts. Her eyes glowed with the smug satisfaction of someone completely in control of her situation, a lustful power that Baron was drawn to in spite of himself. He was vaguely aware he was breathing heavily as she slowly approached, closing the gap between them.

“You see, Baron? You see how much easier it would be? How much more...satisfying it could be? I can tell you’re attracted to me. I’ve never had a man fight his instincts so hard before.†At the word hard, she rubbed a hand softly on his chest, making him shudder. She smiled at that, biting playfully at her lower lip as she maneuvered closer. He tried not to notice how moist and inviting they looked as she leaned up and whispered in his ear, “There’s this extra thrill about having to work for something. I’ve never been so enthralled by a man as I have been with you.â€

Her perfume was intoxicating.

“Well,†he gasped, finding it hard to form the words, “maybe we need to do something about that.â€

Now was her turn to gasp as his lips lightly brushed hers of their own volition. For so long, Absinthe had used her body and her wiles as tools against her enemies. She enjoyed the thrill of her conquests, mainly for the power they gave her. But she hadn’t been lying - something about Baron von Gosu was different from her other prey. She wanted him for other reasons, reasons she hadn’t felt toward another person for a very long time. She hesitated, questioning these strange emotions, then wrapped herself around him as she kissed back passionately.

But she hadn’t gotten very far when Baron suddenly jerked his head to the side. “No,†he panted. “Not like this.â€


“You heard me. If we’re going to have each other, you need to let me off of this web. I can’t…†His own green eyes sparkled with anticipation, but his expression was stern. “I can’t give you what you need, what you deserve, if my hands are literally tied like this. I want to explore every inch of you.â€

Absinthe’s expression softened, then her eyes grew suspicious. “What about your wife?â€

Baron felt a pang, but swallowed it before his expression could change. “Well, you said she’s been taken care of. Besides,†he forced the words out, “it isn’t cheating if she’s dead.â€

As he kissed the top of her forehead, Absinthe felt a stirring deep within her. Without quite realizing, she reached up to his bindings, her long slender fingers deftly loosening the knots as she kissed his neck, his jawline, his earlobes. Her breath caught again as she felt his lips on her bare skin, warm and unyielding, and she frustratedly tugged at the last few knots until his arms came down around her.

“A warning: I have many guards and attendants available at a second’s notice. If you try to betray me, I will be sure to torment you worse than anything Arachnos herself could dream up.†She looked at him lustfully. “That said, my private chamber is just down the hall.â€

“Well, what are we doing here, then?â€

“Your excellency.†One of Absinthe’s henchmen bowed at her feet as he entered the cavern.

Absinthe drew a sharp breath, a fire of annoyance flashing in her eyes. “What is it, knave? I gave orders not to be disturbed.â€

“I beg pardon for the intrusion. The aircraft that was spotted earlier appears to have made a return to the island. It made a low pass as it headed out to sea, then looped around again but appears not to have made it back to the mainland. We’ve sent a squad to the landing strip to investigate.â€

“Very well. Keep me apprised of the findings, should there be any. If there are intruders to the island, kill them.†She looked back at Baron, but his expression was that of puzzlement. Satisfied, she continued, “We’ll be in my bunk.â€


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