Sims Saturday: A New Chapter
Ever wonder what the Sims will do left to their own devices? See the story of a young couple unfold right before your eyes.

Welcome to Sims Saturday, a Sims soap opera by VelvetDove.

I've been working hard, seems like almost day and night. I think the most important part about being a police officer is being observant and paying attention to what it going on in the neighborhood. I'm trying to get out every day and meet the neighbors and see what's going on. I'm beginning to write down and keep files on everyone. Any story they tell me, I'll write it down. I'll check up on if it's true or not later. For right now, I'm just writing my reports.

You learn a lot about people by getting out and talking to them. There's always strange things going on. It's not always my house of fairies that brings controversy to the neighborhood. I know I've looked through some of the old journals from when my family moved to this town, and how my ancestor was surprised by all the things that were going on in the neighborhood. That there was some under belly of this quiet city you never really see unless you're looking directly at it. Your perspective completely changes.

Hank was out late the other night. I know Carina was concerned because he just left and no one knew where he went or when he was coming back. It was strange that she was actually concerned about something. She's never truly been the maternal type you know. Yes, she favors her fairy children, but she never really was overly parenting, as far as I was concerned. Hank stumbled into the house late, telling this tale of how he was abducted by aliens or something insane.

I knew since he came back from the school that he was probably up to no good. I tried to be a role model for him but at the same time, his long hair and just wanting to play guitar. There must of been some reason he was kicked out of the school that he never said to anyone. He always said Father just asked to have him back, but that seems so strange. Why did he get sent to begin with? Like who would believe aliens came by and took him, of all people? Now I need to keep even more of an eye out in my own house for some sort of drug use. I'm sure he's on something. You would think living with a police officer would make you not want to do that in your own house.

Toby must of had some sort of midlife crisis or something. He met some girl at the alchemy shop. I'm not sure why he would be going to that horrid place, maybe selling off more of Father's things that his mother probably slipped to him without telling me about it. He was there and was talking to some woman and decided to take her back to our house. Our house!!

You flirt with some woman and bring her back to our house for some secretive I don't know what? It's a little inappropriate to bring women back and make obscene noise in the bathroom, when there are children in this house. And now there's a possibility of a child? Am I supposed to be happy about this? You're spreading your fairy seed all over the place and I should be happy about this? I don't understand. What sort of message are you sending to the younger children in this house? It's okay to bring women home and impregnate them? That's okay?

I've been doing a lot of thinking for sure, so when Elizabeth called me right that night, I was sure this was a sign that I was on the right track. I immediately met her, where ever she wanted to. I saw her beautiful face and I saw all the potential that could be there. I was going to show the younger ones in the house to have have a proper family. How to do things the right way. You marry your partner before trying to have children with them. You welcome the children into the family as a blessing and not as a mistake in a bathroom. I immediately got down on my knee and asked Elizabeth to marry me.

That's all I saw when I looked at her face, how much potential there was for happiness and a future with her. I could not wait. I figure if she was ready right there, we will go get our vows taken and make it permanent. I'm not sure how everyone will accept the new situation, but then will seen see how a real relationship works and how a married couple operates. I will be that role model the younger ones need. I cannot wait to bring Elizabeth home and show her to my family. I cannot wait for this next chapter to begin.

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