Sims Saturday: Growing Changes
Ever wonder what the Sims will do left to their own devices? See the story of a young couple unfold right before your eyes.

Welcome to Sims Saturday, a Sims soap opera by VelvetDove.

I've tried to make every attempt to make Hank feel like he's at home. I know he still feels like he's on the outside. I don't have any clue still as to why Father sent him away for school. I took him out to help him learn to drive. Which of course was more than his mother ever did for me. I just remember asking her repeatedly to help me and he yelling at me and telling me I was being rude. I don't know how I was ever rude to her, but that's what she always told me. I'm trying to get over the weirdness in the house and the family and try to believe that even though they are fairies, they can still be family. It really is hard. Toby and I are still fighting. I don't know if we'll ever get over our differences. If he's going to be that pig headed and not realize how things are different in the house in how we're treated, he's never going to get it. But I suppose if you're on the receiving end of the bias, I suppose it doesn't effect you as much. I still worry about how Carley is going to be treated. Girls are generally more sensitive about things and she has yet to sprout any wings of any sort. It must be really odd to see the rest of your full siblings running around with wings and going in and out of that damned fairy house.

Charlie and Carley have grown so quickly though. They now going to high school. It's weird how time flies. Soon they will be deciding their paths in life and going out and getting boyfriends and girlfriends or whatever they want to have. I can't believe we have four teenagers in the house. It was bad enough with me and Toby being in high school at the same time. The mood swings and the fighting were unbearable. Now both sets of twins are in high school and going through all of it at the same time, I'm sure this house is going to get even more hectic and crazy for sure.

I know the teen years are horrible and you need as much support as you can, I'm going to try to get over my aversion to helping anything that has to do with Carina. I have to remember regardless of their mother being an evil witch of a fairy, they are still my fathers children and I should help them because they are family. I don't know it's all weird and confusing and I want to be there for them but at the same time I really don't want anything to do with most of them. I like Carley, but she's a spitting image of Ashley, just without the obnoxious wings. It's just a constant reminder that she is Carina's daughter, which is totally disappointing to me. I see Father standing around talking to Charlie or pillow fighting with Hank and it just shows me that he really does care about them. Yes, it makes me jealous because when I was little I don't remember him spending that much time with me and I always wanted to be close to him. He was always busy with his plans to take over the world or whatever crazy scheme he was planning. I never really got the full details of it.

Father took up an odd job of fixing a stereo for someone I don't even remember. It really doesn't matter now. He's not really as handy as he thinks he is, naturally. I think the first night he got himself a horrible electrical shock, he just looked horrible and went to bed. Of course with him being stubborn and thinking he can do everything, he went out the next day to try again. I was out in the back yard painting with Ashley and Carley, so I really didn't see what happened, but I would assume it was another shock. I heard Toby yelling and we all came running. There was Father, laying right next to the stereo system dead.

I had seen quite a few people die in my life time, but this was so weird. Like the flip of a switch we go from him being the head of the household to my being the head. I know I'm up for the responsibility of it for sure. I've been managing the bills and everything else in the house ever since I was in high school, so this wasn't going to change much. I find it really funny, not ha ha, that as soon as she could, Carina got her hands on all of Father's possessions. Most of it should of gone to me! There is stuff he had from my great grandparents! They're not any relation at all to Carina. I'm the oldest, it should all go to me. What I think is funny and I want to point out to Toby, but it will just seem petty now, that Carina got Father's potion collection and passed them out to all her children, never once giving me anything. I wish there was a way I could kick her out of my family's house now, without causing my brothers and sisters to get all upset about it. I mean she has been looking old, I guess I have that going for me. Here I thought having the four teenagers in high school was going to be the biggest drama this year, Father's absence is going to make everything odd here.

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