Sims Saturday: Changes
Ever wonder what the Sims will do left to their own devices? See the story of a young couple unfold right before your eyes.

Welcome to Sims Saturday, a Sims soap opera by VelvetDove.

It's strange how things change once you get out of high school and start working. It's like your whole world changed. You don't talk to the same people you used to, heck you barely see any of them because you're busy in your new life. Everything in your world changes. I have barely had time at all to think about Brandon, let alone talk to him. Besides his parents not really liking the idea of him spending time with me in the first place. I've been trying to find what hobby I might like the most. I've tried painting and writing and tinkering with things around the house.

I know it seems weird, but painting actually is really calming. Writing is something that I have to do for work, so it's not really enjoyable. The fixing and tinkering of things around the house isn't enjoyable, because it just makes me angry that there's so many people in the house and no one bothers to fix anything. I mean really, Father and Carina could pick up the phone and call someone too. It's ridiculous.

Toby graduated. It's weird to think that he's going to be going out and getting a job and be his own man and not just think of him as my little brother. Yes, we're not that different in age really, one year doesn't really make a difference.I was actually really proud of him. I so wanted to have some sort of words of wisdom for him, but I had nothing. It's just a whole new chapter starts in your life and everything changes. The way the world looks at you, your circle for friends, everything changes.

Sure, Toby and I have had our ups and downs and have argued a lot. I blame his fairy temperament. I accidentally made the comment how no one showed up for my graduation, but everyone showed up for his and he got angry with me. Just seems like he takes offense to everything, when I just state basic facts about things. His mother had corrupted our Father and now he only cares about his fairy children. It's just a fact. There is no reason to be angry about it or get mad that I pointed it out. Speaking of the bastard fairy children, I wasn't sure how Carley was going to fit into this whole situation. She didn't seem to have that weird fairy glow to her as a baby, so I thought, hey maybe she might be normal! Is it possible for Carina to have a normal child, especially when she had twins. Charlie is definitely a fairy, his wings came out right away, but never with Carley. Now Carley's had a birthday and is a perfect little child. I half wondered if that was why Hank got sent away, but at the same time I know he was a fairy. I still have no idea why he got sent away. She looks exactly like Ashley, but none of those annoying wings to get in the way of her perfectness.

The other day, I got a call and got invited out on a date. I know it was probably wrong of me to go, but I figured, why not? I have this new social life, do I really need to be sitting around waiting for Brandon, who may or may not be waiting for me. Which I'm sure there's so much stuff going on in high school that he doesn't have time to think about me. But strange above strange, it was a girl who asked me out. I figured, sure, why not. We can sit, we can talk. You should never turn down a friend. I didn't expect anything to come of it. She was amazing nice and sweet and I really enjoyed spending time with her. We talked for hours and we kissed. A beautiful, wonderful kiss. A kiss that would make me want to do it again. Sure, there was no magic like there was with Brandon, but seriously, there was real magic going on there. Sometimes I wonder if I just fell for him because he was willing to see through my toad exterior and was willing to kill me and break that horrible spell that was on me. I don't know, I half hope Brandon finds someone at school and completely forgets about me. I do care about him deeply, but you never know where this life is going to take you.

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