Sims Saturday: My House
Ever wonder what the Sims will do left to their own devices? See the story of a young couple unfold right before your eyes.

Welcome to Sims Saturday, a Sims soap opera by VelvetDove.

This house has somehow gotten so much worse now! Besides my young father, being full of fun, Simone moved out. I wish I could of went with her. Her mother dying really made things hard in here for her. I tried to be there for her, but there's only so much you can do. Things are moving too fast in this house for sure. It seems like my step monster and my father just had the twins, and now she's pregnant again! I don't know if that potion he drank did something to their fertility, I don't know.

I'm just getting tired of the lectures from my step monster all about how I need to help out more around the house. I need to help take care of Hank and Ashley. Father adding in, "well with Carina pregnant, she can't do as much as she'd like." Bull! She's never been one to help with the kids. Without Judy and Roger, me and Toby would of raised ourselves. I did try to be nice to my step monster, but I'm sure she's never liked me since the day she moved in and my mother moved out. I asked her repeatedly to help me learn how to drive and she would never take me, and just yell at me for interrupting her, in whatever task Father assigned for her to do. I think I have more things to worry about right now than my baby brothers and sister. I still have not figured out how to turn me back to a human and not a walking frog person!

I've been reading through books upon books on trying to figure out if my DNA has been completely changed, or if it can be reversed. I actually went and asked my father for a heal potion that I knew was above my skill level at the alchemy cauldron. I knew he had Grandmother's stash of potions at his disposal too. I think that was the first time he ever realized that I had turned into a frog! He is so self absorbed, that he didn't even realize his oldest son had turned into a toad!

We went out outside and tried to get it removed, and it still never got removed, but I'm really surprised my father used one of his potions he was probably saving for something later. I was actually impressed by it. He really hasn't been talking that much about his plan and how he was going to take over this town and all that a lot lately. I think he's just focused on the babies right now. I would like to think that he was upset that Simone moved out, but I find it really hard to believe. Simone moved out to help take care of Judy and Roger in their new house, because they were getting really old. I was kind of hoping that once they died she would move back in but she never did. I was really sad when she called and told me that Aunt Judy died, and then a little later when Uncle Roger died. My glorious father didn't even react when I said that his siblings had passed away. I will never forgive him for how he's treated them. I just hope I never turn out like he is. Right now, I mostly hope I can figure out how to reverse this toad condition.

This whole house is full of fairies. I wouldn't think I would be against that when Carina came in. I mean, it's not like she's the first fairy to come into our family. Both Hank and Ashley are showing signs of being fairy, which I'm sure Carina is super excited about. I always thought she hated me because my having a different mother, but I don't know. I don't see her being really nice nice to Toby either, and he's a fairy like she is. But maybe it's just because we're older and we were brought up by our aunts and uncle more than our parents.

We've always been close though, Toby and I. On Halloween, we went out trick or treating, but mostly we threw eggs at people's houses. Okay, true, I was throwing eggs, he was looking out for the police. I would definitely say that Toby is one of my closest friends. I really like that we're both in high school at the same time, and becoming more and more aware of how our father is. So, I can talk about our father without having too much explaining that I would have to do if I was talking to someone who doesn't live in the house. I don't know if I want to talk to anyone outside the house about our father's plans to take over the town and dish out revenge on people who have wronged him, I'm sure some of the things I've heard or over heard would be something to get him thrown in jail. He has said some pretty scary things. He's always been set on making his family a business to take over the world, so he likes having a woman who is willing to give him children all the time. Did I mention they had another set of twins? More fairies, I'm sure! I get the feeling that Carina just likes making Father happy because she wants to bring more fairies into the world, and I'm not completely sure she cares if they're from my father or not. I just don't trust her and her agenda. I don't know what he agenda truly is. I definitely feel like the odd man out, since I'm not a fairy and I have no magical qualities. But, I am a frog still, so maybe that will be something to get me points somewhere.

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