Sims Saturday: Dreams Do Come True!
Ever wonder what the Sims will do left to their own devices? See the story of a young couple unfold right before your eyes.

Welcome to Sims Saturday, a Sims soap opera by VelvetDove.

So, I come home from fishing the other night, and I see a sleeping bag out on the front lawn. Very strange. I went over and looked and it was Christine. Are you serious? The batty old lady is now sleeping outside in her sleeping bag. It was bad enough when she was doing it in the house, but now to take it outside. I just wish someone would walk by her and kick her in the head or something so she'd just finally end it.

I don't understand why she's living so much longer than her twin. I would of hoped they would die around the same time. She was the most worthless out of the two sisters, really. I think she's already gone, just her body doesn't know enough to lay down and rest, really. If I didn't think I couldn't buy my way out of it, I would make a potion to end her. I can't have her yelling and screaming out the window around my children anymore. Besides the fact that she's still standing in my way to getting my siblings out of the house. I don't know how much more I can wait or this hang up to fix itself. Maybe I can find a professional to take care of it. At the rate things are going, I'm going to die before that crazy old bat dies!

I cannot say how proud I am of Spencer. He is really growing into an amazing young man. He's fixing things around the house, way more productive than either of my siblings. He's taken it upon himself to actually get out and learn to drive. Although his stupid aunt decided teaching him in our sports car was the best idea ever. I know we can afford it if he damages it, but at the same time, why risk it, we have plenty of other cars we can have him learn in.

It's the general disregard to saving our fortune that makes me wish she and her good for nothing brother were gone from my sight. They can spend spend spend and not care about anything. They never see the future or pay attention to what may happen down the road. They just spend spend spend because life is all about what party you're invited to next, or what shiny thing you can buy to impress the neighbors and make them jealous. Every time I see my boy, I just see him working on something, if he's not fixing something around the house, tinkering with this or that, hes reading a book and studying. I could not be prouder of my eldest son. He is going to be an amazing part of my future plans!

I come into my home every day and I am just so proud of my family. My girls have been busy always out inf the back yard. It just warms my heart to see Carina out in the garden and Simone out working at her bench. Yes, I know, I have to over look the crazy old bat and the two slouch couch potatoes, but my family, those I recognize, never seem to amaze me. We are all in this life working together to make it a better place for us.

The more everyone contributes, the better my plans will come into fruition. I cannot wait! I have so many big plans for this town. All that is stopping me from truly building more forces is Christine holding on for whatever reason. Even Simone has little to nothing to do with her "mother" anymore. She is busy working and striving to make life in our very own back yard. I mean really, what other goal should be encouraged? To take nothing and turn it into something and that something actually being able to move and function on it's own. Kind of like her. She was made in a lab. Maybe that might be why she's has such a passion for this whole endeavor, but either way, I wholly support her in what she has planned. It goes side by side with what plans I may have for the city! They will all soon regret hearing the Johnson name!

Late night and the phone started ringing off the wall. I thought it might be something serious. I answered and it was the police telling me that FINALLY the crazy old bat died. Apparently she was out on a date. Who would date someone as old as she was? She just finally died. Right there by the diner. Granted I would of preferred her not dying on property we own and giving a reputation that our food kills. But, I'm just grateful she's finally out of my hair. I took no time at all in packing up my siblings clothing and threw them out the door. I told them as soon as she passed they were gone and I meant it.

Everything is coming to plan. This whole world has been created just so I can achieve all my goals! There is absolutely nothing to get in my way any more! The whole town was all amazed at how well our family was at "celebrating" Christine's life, instead of mourning her passing. Let them believe what they want. I'm just happy she's finally out of my hair, and most of all happy my siblings are out of my hair. Which makes it better, that the illusion that they were merely staying in the house to help us out with taking care of our poor feeble aunt. The whole community is praising them for what they did. Even though they did nothing. Since they are always about looking good in the eyes of the neighbors, that just means they are not willing to argue and say that they weren't staying in my house to help with her. They would come out so horrible looking, like they truly are, but we wouldn't want the neighbors to know that, now would we? So all the threats of them suing me for the family money has been dropped, they can't take out litigation on something that will completely destroy their reputations. Everything is working out just like I would of hoped!

I looked in the mirror the other day and I noticed how old I was looking. I wasted so much time waiting for that crazy old bat to die, that most of my life just passed right on by. I looked so old and frail, almost like my siblings did when I tossed them out. I had been saving a potion I had created a while ago. It was to turn back time and make you more youthful. I was really hesitant on trying it before, but now, what do I have to lose? I have so many plans I'm only half way to achieving, because I was waiting for control of the house. Now, I can do it! It only took me a second to think it over, pop the cork and drink it down. I waited a second, feeling just tingly all over. I wasn't sure if anything really was happening.

Carina walked out of the kitchen carrying a plate of dinner. She almost dropped it, in shock. She praised me at how young and handsome I looked, younger than when we had met. She is always amazing! I wasted no time in wrapping her in my arms and taking her back to our room. She is the most amazing woman I have ever known! Needless to say we are expecting another child. All we needed was a little more spirit and a lot more room in the house with the three gone. I could not be happier! All my plans are now coming to life and I could not be happier!

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