Sims Saturday: Just Another Day in Paradise
Ever wonder what the Sims will do left to their own devices? See the story of a young couple unfold right before your eyes.

Welcome to Sims Saturday, a Sims soap opera by VelvetDove.

I certainly can't say my life is boring in the slightest. There seems to be something always happening, that's for sure! It goes from the mundane potty training all the way to loud explosions in the yard! I suppose I shouldn't actually say that my household family is mundane. Because it's certainly not. I have the most amazing wife! She takes care of the kids, and works at the hospital, all so I could work from home and try to fulfill my dreams! Our garden is coming along perfectly! I'm not completely sure what Carina does, but she has a green thumb for sure. I can take time to go out fishing when I need to. I still haven't found the right fish to make some of the potions, but I'm sure I will find where they're to be caught best soon enough.

I come home from late night fishing one night, only to find police and paramedics at the house. I have to say, I actually got excited, thinking that finally Christine has died. Yes, I know she's my aunt and all, but it's about time for her to move on, so I can step into my next phase in my plan! I'm not getting any older, and neither is Carina, and if we don't start working soon and having more children, we might not get the chance. I know I still have no chance of finally kicking my slouch leech siblings out of the house until Christine is gone. So I get off my broom and run into the back yard. I have to say I was horribly disappointed. I was right that someone had died, but who is was I had gotten wrong.

I guess there was yet again another paparazzi at my house trying to take pictures or whatever they do to bother my family, and he was the one who died. I'm just so tired of everyone hanging around my house first off and wish they would all just die. I totally had my hopes up when I saw all the cars, because I truly thought this was the moment that Christine was no longer in my way. I cannot believe how happy my heart felt when I thought it might be her that finally died. I'm feeling so torn by it. She's my aunt and I'm showing her respect, but at the same time, I wish we had some stairs I could push her down! Why does she not realize it's her time to move on!

Well I know I could never truly do anything to blatantly kill her, especially with people always hanging around outside my house. Once again Leanna is back outside mt house, peeking in my windows and just in general being annoying. I yet again had to take her aside and tell her I didn't want her around my house anymore. There has to be more people in this town that she could make more money taking pictures of them. We cannot be the only family in this town that gets you money from taking pictures of them. I know she has other motives and I'm sure they're all focused on my wife, which just angers me. I'm tired of her hanging around my house. I semi was hoping I could actually turn her into a tree or something, then at least she would be useful and she stood outside my bedroom window. It would of been nice if she would of been the one to die on my property also.

I could not be more proud of my tiny little family though. Spencer has continued with his interest in potion making, which makes me incredibly proud. I'm sure this is how my mother got so insanely happy when I first started trying my hand at potions. There really isn't a lot of us in this city that actually dabble in that, so to get the opportunity to have someone who you can show things to, and to discuss ideas with, it's amazing. He's been reading a lot and I've finally given him some ingredients so that he could try his hand at using the cauldron. I was more than proud of him when he successfully made his first potion.

I am half tempted to pull him out of school so he can stay home and just make potions for me, while I am trying to find the fish I need. I know Carina would never allow that to happen, I'm glad she's there to actually keep me grounded and not get carried away with my own stuff. I have never been so proud of my children, as I was when I saw Spencer in front of the cauldron. I have so many things I can show him and teach him. That may be what parenting is all about. I find and perfect things and then I can pass it on to the next generation. It's an exhilarating experience, I have to admit.

I can't wait to see what Toby's going to be interested in. He's definitely got more creativity than I ever had as a child. I don't know how many times I've gone into the living room and seem him standing on the furniture reenacting some scenario in his head. He definitely has a great imagination. Creativity does run in the family, but I guess so does insanity. I know Toby will be destined for big things anyways, I mean really look at his parents! Carina hasn't been working long and she's already gotten a promotion, her drive to work is amazing, I know that will be passed down to the children.

Simone has been working hard. At least I think she may be working hard, either way, she is having a lot of fun. She has realized that there are so many salvageable things we have lying around that could be turned into other things. At first when I started hearing the explosions I was against her removing used things from the storage and destroying them for parts on her inventions, but when I saw how my siblings reacted to it, oh the horror of having loud noises in the neighborhood or something exploding on our front lawn! What will the neighbors think?!? I began to encourage her to do what she needed to do, besides some of those things have been in storage for generations, what's the point of holding onto them? She takes the junk we're not using, and probably have never seen, pulls it onto the yard and explodes it. I'm okay with this!

If she's building more of her inventions with it, then I'm all happy about it! And yes, my siblings being embarrassed and appalled by it makes me love it even more. I will always support my little family and my children in whatever they do, and continue to wish my aunt and siblings would drop dead. I'm sure Christine does not have much left for this world and I keep waiting every day, when I come home from fishing that she will be gone and I can move forward on my plans. I think I have a great team behind me, that will help me make all my dreams come true, and this city better be careful, because they have no idea what I have in store for them!

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