Sims Saturday: Pride and Joy
Ever wonder what the Sims will do left to their own devices? See the story of a young couple unfold right before your eyes.

Welcome to Sims Saturday, a Sims soap opera by VelvetDove.

I could not be prouder! Simone has become such a wonderful young lady! I know she's supposedly my cousin and all but I think of her as mine. I could say daughter, but can a clone actually be like a daughter? My aunt, I swear has officially lost it, since he twin sister died. I know I've been waiting for her to go and then I could officially get rid of everyone in the house. Like, she will say she got a phone call and is going on a date and next thing I see her in the back yard playing with one of the kids toys. It's very odd. I know she's always been a little different, but it's getting more and more strange. So, pretty much, in my mind, she's already dead. I barely pay her any mind at all. In saying that, I have taken Simone as my own. Simone is finally becoming a well matured adult, if she can be labelled an adult! She graduated high school. I have to say, I was extremely proud of her, almost as if she was a real girl. Of course her "mother" wanted her to join in her passion for writing, but Simone really wanted nothing to do with that. She came to me the other day and talked about what she really wanted to do. I have to say, I was more than happy to hear what she wanted.

There's been an old work bench in the back yard, that had probably not been touched since some crazy aunt or something from long ago use it. I don't even remember which aunt or whatever used to spend all her time in the back yard making things. Simone's been out back cleaning it up. She has dreams of inventing. Which is really interesting. I mean I suppose since she has no magical powers what so ever, it's not like she can just "poof" invent something. She's always been fascinated with my potion making and how you can change reality into what you want it.

I don't know, maybe since she was manufactured in a lab, that might have something to do with it too. I don't know what it would be like to be created in a lab and go home with a complete stranger, knowing that you were made from their DNA and were their exact clone. Especially being Christine's clone, I mean look at her now and who wants to be any part of that? She really has been a waste of her life. She has never been the great world renown author that she claimed to want to be. She has never really gotten to being the best at her work place. I just think she really had been a waste. Maybe Simone really isn't a clone of Christine, since I really see no similarity in them as all. Christine is a waste, and Simone actually wants to accomplish something. Simone has been out back constantly at the work bench trying to make things. Her goal is to see how close to creating life she can get with her own hands. When she came to me, she was nervous and thought I would look at her really strangely for her ideas. She was so surprised when I told her I thought it was a great idea and I supported her 100 percent. It was the first time I think she had ever given me a hug in her life. Granted it might of been the only time I ever actually treated her like she was a real person also. Which I suppose is my fault, but at the same time, she came back from a science lab a full grown child.

Maybe it was my own prejudice or something, but I have had a really hard time accepting her as actually being a human. Which I'm not sure she really is, but I definitely know there is nothing wrong with whatever it is she is. She sure is a lot more productive and working towards a goal than either of my supposed siblings ever did in their miserable existence, She's out collecting scrap from the junk yard at all hours of the night, just to be ready for a full days work out in the back yard. I'm not sure either of my siblings ever have worked a day in their life. I am amazed at how Simone has become. I am surprised how fond I am of her, when I never thought I would be.

Someone I know had given me a television set to try and fix, just strictly so I can practice on some of my skills. I was commenting how I wanted to be more handy around the house, just for Carina. So, they gave me a television to work on. I figured I would work on it outside and not risk my burning down the house, although I must admit it wouldn't be a bad thing if it did blow up. I wouldn't mind starting over and making the house exactly how I want it and need it. It's just the whole concept of having to start over when I have so much more stuff I have to do.

So, I swear I cannot go outside into the yard at all without Leanna rearing her ugly head and standing there watching me. I wish one of these times the potions would actually work and stay. I mean, how many time do you have to turn a girl into a zombie before they finally leave you alone? So, I was outside tinkering with the television, and here she comes, just to sit there and stare at me or take pictures. So yet again I had to take the woman aside tell her I wanted her to go away, and throw yet another potion at her. I would like to believe she's trying to be all business like and professional, but I truly think she still wants to be back with me and is trying to make thing difficult for my family.

My family is perfect without all these little hiccups. I don't need some crazy stalker coming by my house all the time, trying to cause trouble with my amazing wife, who has gone back to work since Toby came to us. She spends all her free time either reading books, mostly cooking and house oriented books, or some times when she's wanting to spend more time with me, she will use the science work station we have in the back, while I'm at my cauldron.

I don't know, I feel super lucky to have someone as amazing as she is. I know we technically are not in need of money in the slightest, but I am so glad, that just in case people stop buying my potions, it is so nice that Carina is willing to get a job and work hard. Her work drive is amazing. Something I have never really seen in my life. I'm sure Tracy was the closest to being that career driven. It is so refreshing to see in this house, I cannot say it enough of how lucky I feel to have someone like her.

The girls in my life are definitely something to be proud of. I just hope my boys will amount to half as much as these women are.

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