Sims Saturday: My Better Half
Ever wonder what the Sims will do left to their own devices? See the story of a young couple unfold right before your eyes.

Welcome to Sims Saturday, a Sims soap opera by VelvetDove.

Carina is the most awesome wife I could ever hope for. When I first met her, I honestly just thought she would be another temporary woman like Rebekah. I first went into it thinking she was really nice and beautiful and would make amazing children, now I just really really like her around. She cooks! She cleans! She gardens for me! She is the most supportive person I have ever had in my life. All I had to do was say I never seem to have enough time for gardening and the next thing I know, she's out there weeding my garden and planting more things. She is an amazing woman! She totally embraced being my better half for sure! She has accepted Spencer as her own! She helps with everything!

Speaking of Spencer, I can't believe how much he's grown! Can you believe he's starting school? It feels like just yesterday he was in diapers and a baby. Now he's following in my foot steps! I haven't seen any magical talent with him yet, which makes me wonder if I can actually just teach it to him, is that even possible? But he's watched me brewing potions and actually seems truly interested in it. I wonder how young is too soon to teach him about Alchemy. I mean, he's my son, so he will definitely have the skills to make perfect potions. It's in his genes. If he can start mastering potions early, then we will have no problem being able to get everything I've always wanted. My plans to make this city know that they have overlooked me for the last time will be coming to true in no time at all. My wife is absolutely amazing! She has no problem staying home and cooking for my child, while I go out and take care of everything I need to. Granted she is just learning to cook, but I have complete faith in her being able to learn quickly, because naturally any woman I marry will have to be amazingly brilliant. She picks up things quickly. She never questions when I come home late, and is always willing to sit and listen to anything I have to say. She is amazing!

I know she is going to be the best mother and perfect choice to raise my children! I just have to wait until I can get rid of my siblings, so then we can have more money and not need to worry about financing all the children I would love to have. We had a perfectly healthy boy, who we named Toby.

Once again, I looked into his eyes and I knew he was bound for greatness. How could he not be? He's my son! Carina's genes added to it, there is no stopping this child from doing whatever he wants. I know we will make a great team! We will take over this town, my boys and I. Toby definitely had an interesting glow surrounding him. I cannot wait to see what that actually means. I just wish there were fewer people in this house so I could build more of my legacy. I know Carina is completely willing to have more children with me. She tells me all the time how she's so happy she has me and that she can't wait to get pregnant again! I told you she was amazing. She is completely in on my plans to build the most amazing legacy this town has ever seen. I feel so lucky to have someone as amazing as her by my side. I even at one time questioned on if I accidentally drank a luck potion or something for my plans to be coming together. Not as fast as I would like them, but they're coming together. Believe me, I have contemplated on trying to advance Christina's passing, but with Tracy already gone, there was no way I could make it happen without police intervening and them locking me up possibly. I can't take that risk unless I know for sure there will be no repercussions. So until then, I will just enjoy the fact that I happened to find the most amazing woman in the world to be my other half! We will, together, take over this city for sure!

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