Sims Saturday: The Fate of the Family
Ever wonder what the Sims will do left to their own devices? See the story of a young couple unfold right before your eyes.

Welcome to Sims Saturday, a Sims soap opera by VelvetDove.

Operation Bring More Minions came into full effect and Rebekah actually got pregnant. I was surprised at how quick it actually was. I figured she would have more reserves and just pretend to be trying and have a lot of failures or something. But whatever it was, we managed to get pregnant right away. I actually was looking forward to it. I was going to have a minion I could completely control. They would have that bond with me, because I was their father. Granted I never had that with my father, but I was sure going to try my hardest to build it with my child. I couldn't decide which I prefer to have though. Did I want a boy or a girl? I could have a boy, who ended up just like me, have a little perfect copy of myself. I could have a little girl, which could be very beneficial. People seem to underestimate girls, so they can be masters of manipulating. I may actually prefer to have a girl and see her grow strong and have everyone at her feet.

My other minion, Simone, did not stay a child for long enough. She actually grew and now is your typical high schooler. Yes, she will still go fishing and bring me her fish to use on potions. She still has her uses. As her mother's gotten older though, she's been wanting to spend more and more time with her. Which I suppose isn't completely a bad thing. Sure, learn what you can from your original, so you can learn what to not do, to better your life.

I'm sorry but Christina really hasn't accomplished much in her life. Sure, she's a big reporter in the city, but she still hasn't made it to the top, not like Tracy has. Take what you can, and learn what you can from the generation before you, so you can make things bigger and better. There is a limited time for you to be around, so no time like the present to start making things happen ad understand things. I, myself, cannot wait for the previous generation to move on. I've learned what I could from them, and now they're just taking up space. I keep biding my time waiting for Christina and Tracy to die. Think of the reaction on Judith and Roger's faces! They will be so happy! They will see nothing but dollars signs and I can see nothing but the expression on their face when I show them Mom's will, and how she wanted everything in the house to go to me! All because they were lazy and ungrateful and worthless. Sure, I threw in the other part, but it did mention something about how they needed to learn to stand on their own and blah blah. I never did show them that I found the paper. There was no reason for it. I just sit back and smile, thinking of the two old spinsters being gone and my handing them their eviction notice! The day they're gone, I'm kicking those two losers out of this house. I will have so much space to do what I want.

I really have started getting used to Rebekah being around. So much so, I actually felt panic when she went into labor and was in pain. I have never been so worried about another person as long as I have been around. I think I may of fallen in love with her. I completely forgot all about my little minion coming and my whole focus was Rebekah. I have to admit that's a little scary. That my whole focus for the last many months was now completely forgotten and I wasn't concerned about anything but Rebekah. Especially when there was "complications" and I had to be sent out of the room. I paced up and down the halls thinking about nothing but Rebekah and hoping she was fine. It didn't even occur to me later, that that may of been the ultimate strike at Blaine. Hey, you loved this girl, I took her love from you, and I took her whole life from you. Rebekah pulled through the surgery, with only one minor problem. Yeah, the doctors said it was minor, but they don't know about our plans. Rebekah was alive, I suppose she may still have her uses, even if she can no longer have another child for me. She can take care of the one child we do have. We brought Spencer home, and I could jut see the potential in his little eyes. I can definitely mold him into something amazing!

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