Sims Saturday: Pushing the Scam
Ever wonder what the Sims will do left to their own devices? See the story of a young couple unfold right before your eyes.

Welcome to Sims Saturday, a Sims soap opera by VelvetDove.

It certainly is amazing how this little town works. You start making yourself known and everyone wants to get to know you. No wonder my brother and sister are all obsessed with their social standing. I really couldn't care less if I'm known in the city or not. I mean it does have it benefits. I can't tell you how many parties I've been invited to attend. Naturally I will go drop in. I'm perfectly okay with going into your house and walking around and taking whatever I feel like taking from your house. You are such a fool to let people into your house, and then not pay attention to what they're doing and what they're doing.
Thanks for the party invite!

It's turned into an amazing game for me. There's a huge rush you get from walking out the door with a lamp stand or something obvious. Sure, you get a rush from the little things too, but taking bigger things just solidifies my opinion on the naivety of most people in this town. If I happen to get caught, big deal, I pay off the cops, pay off the press, it is easily just pushed under the rug and soon these fools forget everything. I have yet to get caught with anything, but I certainly have a plan if it should happen. I sometimes think I need to get a separate room or something in the house just for me to store all my acquired items. I mean, what's the point of having trophies if you can't display them? So, they sit in storage and I don't get to appreciate them at all. But some day, I will. I just have to have patience and everything will go just the way I want it.

Rebekah had been staying with friends, and trying to find a new place to stay. Since she lived with Blaine and truly did break things off with him. I was surprised. I took her out again on another date. Yes, my princess I will take you to the Bistro again. I will make you feel like a queen. I will show you the world you could enjoy with, if you just came to be with me! We had a nice meal, talked a lot. She actually is a really nice and sweet girl, however, I've seen her wicked side directed towards me. As the saying goes, I can forgive, but I will never forget. I have something in mind. I have a plan. As always, whatever I plan, I will make it come to be, that is all their is to it. We have dinner, and then I take her for ice cream at the diner. Simone showed up just as I instructed her to. She is such a great little minion. I am so glad Christina brought her home. I just don't understand why she's made to go to school, like real children. She could totally be fishing all day for me and getting up enough skill to be able to pull out the fish I really need. There is no reason for her to be going and learning more things. She is a really good minion. She brought me out what I asked for when I told her to be there. Rebekah of course was confused. I wasn't going to explain who the little creature was. It didn't matter who she was. It just mattered that I had plans. We were going to see exactly how much of a joke this whole "relationship" I had with her was. There was still something in the back of my mind that said that Blaine and her were still plotting something and I was going to push it as far as I could to see when their plans would break. I took Rebekah's hand, got down on my knee and pledged that I wanted to be there for her for the rest of her life. She made me so happy I couldn't see me being with anyone but her. She genuinely looked happy. She agreed naturally and I told her we didn't have any time to waste and we should take our vows right away! I assumed that would be the breaking point of this whole scam, but no, she went right along with it.

I brought her home, and no one batted an eye. They were all so caught up in their world. Sure, they all were congratulating me and just normal niceties. Judith and Roger seemed a little weird, but I'm sure it was all because they were calculating how much of their inheritance they were losing by my bring in another person. I swear that is all their brains focus on. Nothing else matters, just how much money will I get for doing nothing but sitting on my butt and going to parties. They got message that their father had died and all they talked about was if they were going to get more money or not. I swear they look at people and only see dollar signs. I look at people and know whatever I want I can get, and if the money helps me, I know I have to use it.

Rebekah and I were sitting outside looking up at the stars and talking. She really is a sucker for romance! That's when I came up with my next plan. I want to see what my brother and sister will do once I start bringing even more people into the house. I just leaned over to Rebekah and whispered how great of a mother I think she would be, and how I can't think of anything else but having children with her. I was sure she was going to back out of it and finally tell me this whole thing was nothing but a scam. I couldn't tell what the look on her face was. She turned towards me and confessed she was thinking the same thing, ever since our first date. So, see, either way, she would either of exposed her scam and I would be happy, or I would get the opportunity to bring more minions into my world to help me with my plans. It was always a win win for me. Since she was happy about it, that just meant even more so that I was going to be happy.

Because my family has always been the center of gossip or whatever in this city, there is always someone snooping around the house. Usually I don't have anything to do with the media, or paparazzi. I tend to view them like bugs on the sidewalk, just something to walk over or avoid. There's been this girl who's always been hanging around, always kind of flirting with me. She is really pretty. But I've always been busy getting my plans in order. So I pulled Leanna over to the side and I announced to her all about my wedding and now much I loved Rebekah. I had to play it up so that, just in case Blaine read the paper, or someone he knew, it would stick a little deeper.

I always went into great detail all about how we had plans to have children and how we've always wanted to have a big family. I get to stick a little something to both Blaine and my siblings. I hope they hear about it and have a panic attack. I have plans and I will make sure they come to be. I will not be the type to sit back and have life handed to me, I will mold my own life. If I have to hurt people on the way, I am more than willing to have that happen. My plans are coming together and I will get what I want.

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