Sims Saturday: Sweet Revenge
Ever wonder what the Sims will do left to their own devices? See the story of a young couple unfold right before your eyes.

Welcome to Sims Saturday, a Sims soap opera by VelvetDove.

I'm not sure if I accidentally put too many chemicals in the sink and it's been oozing into our drinking water, or what exactly is going on. I've been having the strangest dreams lately all about babies and having children. Then Aunt Christina is looking through some paper work or something while going through some of Mom's things. She finds this certificate from the Science lab where my great aunt and uncle worked. Could be great great, I don't know, I never made attention when Mom was babbling about things. So Christina takes the piece of paper, and comes back with this little girl. For some reason she decided it would be a good idea to get a clone of herself. I never knew or heard her talking about wanting to have a child. I don't even know if you could call this thing a child. All, I know is that we have this little blonde girl in the house now named Simone. Who knows what sort of thing Christina actually did bring home.

Is this thing actually a person? Is it a robot of some sort? I don't know. But, I embraced her being there. I mean really, she could be really useful to me. I don't have time to go and tend the garden and then also go and fishing. First thing I did was, send her to a fishing class. Look Aunt Christina, I'm supportive of your "daughter"! She can go fish for me and get me everything I need. It's not like clones or whatever she has actually has writing, do they? They're not really people are they? I see it as definitely being able to be two places at once.

I checked the mail the other day, just because that little notice was sitting there for too long, and I got tired of running into it. There are other people in the house that can take care of that shit! Just seems like everyone is so damn lazy. I was surprised though, when I saw there was a letter in the for me. You would never believe who the letter was from. Rebekah! At first I thought it must of been a joke. She laughed at me all through high school, her and her boyfriend. I turned him into a zombie after all! Now she's writing me telling me how she really actually likes me? This has to be a joke, but that's okay. Two can play at this game! The best way to destroy something in from within! So, I played along with their little game and I called her. We talked for hours. Her explaining how she was always so sorry for how Blaine treated me and how she just had a hard time standing up to him. It was a whole sob story about how Blaine wasn't treating her right. I certainly don't understand why she would choose me to be the one to confess all this to, but I certainly was thankful. I have more ammo, so I can rip them to shreds. So, I put on the nice happy, concerned facade and listened to her. I told her what she needed to hear. She did not deserve to be treated by him the way she was. That's what I said, however, if you're willing to let yourself be taken for a fool, then you are a fool and you should get what you get. I promised to help her, make her feel special. I'll take you to the fanciest restaurant in town, make you feel like the princess you deserve to be treated like. Ya know, all that crap that women just fall for.
I swear to protect you!

Naturally, I would take her to the bistro, you would think she would know that my family owns it. I don't have to pay anything any time I go there. I'm not going to waste my money on her. Not when I don't know what exactly her game is. I went there and listened to her lies, and sob stories and told a few lies of my own, of course. I promised to treat her better than Blaine ever could. She is either a great actress or she fell for it.

Amazingly, on our way out of the building, who do we see there? Blaine! Of course. I was waiting to find out what exactly they had up their sleeves. I just slipped my hand into my pocket, feeling my wand made me feel more confident. I could deal with whatever they threw at me. Blaine started yelling, Rebekah started crying. Surprisingly, she didn't leap over to his side. She stood next to me, telling Blaine to leave us alone. I was waiting for the surprise attack and it never came. She actually turned out to be genuine with me. All night I was trying to leave hints that she should totally break up with him and leave him and be with me. She actually did it! She broke up with him right then and there.

Naturally he was angry. He started putting up his fists to fight me, so naturally I pulled out my wand in defense. I think that really scared him. He tried to throw out some insult about my mother and her being a freak just like me. Like saying anything about my mother meant anything. Say what you want about her, she's not going to hear you, and I won't be forced to deal with her whining and crying. She's dead after all. So that had little effect on me. I did manage to zap him a few times really good, and he stopped threatening to hit me. He yet again told Rebekah to get back to their house, which I didn't even know they lived together. She refused and he stomped off completely angry. I was so happy to see him leave. Granted, I'm not really sure Rebekah is the greatest prize to be won, but I did win her. She ended up in my arms, still crying hysterically, and I consoled her and we kissed. So, it maybe wasn't as much of a joke against me as I thought. I have to admit though, it did make me happy to know that I destroyed something that Blaine really liked having. Yet again, I win! I just wish I could of turned him back into a zombie, but I didn't have any potions with me when I went to the bistro. I guess I have to keep them handy at all times. Maybe next time.

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