Sims Saturday: Graduation of Power
Ever wonder what the Sims will do left to their own devices? See the story of a young couple unfold right before your eyes.

Welcome to Sims Saturday, a Sims soap opera by writer and longtime RivalCast community member VelvetDove.

I could not wait to get out of high school and not have anything to do with those people at all. I kept trying to talk my family into not going to my graduation, because they really didn't need to go there. Hell, I didn't want to go there. I have admit, I was kind of happy Aunt Jennifer died, just strictly so it distracted my whole family and no one knew what to do for a little while. That way, I could kind of skip graduation. I did show up though. I mean after they thought it was so funny to vote me, "Most likely to get arrested", and they laughed in my face.
I made it!

Well I showed up to graduation, with a pocket full of potions. If they're going to be jerks to me, they're going to remember me. The girl who passed out the surveys and giggled in my face when she showed me what they listed me as. I threw a jar of angry bees at her. I wasn't sure if I made the potion right, I just crossed my fingers and threw it at her feet. I have to say, I was really happy that as soon as the bottle broke all these bees came out. Not only did they come out, but they totally went and surrounded her! I did not think it was possible to be that happy and enthusiastic over my potions. I was actually proud of it. I was so impressed with myself, maybe I had been paying attention. Sure, I registered a long time ago as being a independent seller, but that was strictly to make Mom get off my back about setting the bee hives on fire, "accidentally". This definitely could be a thing. I could make stupid little potions to make money while researching and perfecting some of the other little ones. I truly have been feeling lately that this may be my calling. As I learn more, I will do bigger and better things. These people think they can laugh at me. I'm pretty sure I will be laughing at them.
Most likely to hate you!

There was this girl in my classes who was always super nice to me. I even one time asked her out to one of the dances. But Rebekah did nothing but laugh in my face, and proceed to giggle and smirk any time she was around me. So, when I found out that she actually had a steady boyfriend, I knew I wanted nothing to do with either of them. Especially when he started in on the mocking me. They will regret the day that they took me on as an object of ridicule. I saw them standing with a couple people outside the graduation. I walked right over to her boyfriend, Blaine. I mean, who names their kid Blaine anyways, that name just screams jerk. I grabbed a potion, to unleash more bees. Or so I thought. He fell right to the ground. Everyone started screaming! Rebekah started crying. I noticed the different colored liquid at his feet. Maybe I screwed up the potion! I think those ones were zombification potions? Was it supposed to act like that? Everyone thought he was dead. I guess maybe I was destined to be arrested.
They should fear me!

Blaine slowly started moving and slowly stood up. Of course it would have to be slowly, since he was actually a zombie! I can not believe all the power I possess with these potions! When Mom spent hours and hours outside at her station, I never realized exactly how much potential she had! She could of been doing amazing things! She could of been taking over this town! I will not let this power go untapped. I will channel it all and see what I can do! It made me so happy to see Rebekah crying. There was no reason for her to torture me the way she did. She will regret it, and everyone at the school will regret how they treated me!

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