Sims Saturday: Changes of Art
Ever wonder what the Sims will do left to their own devices? See the story of a young couple unfold right before your eyes.

Welcome to Sims Saturday, a Sims soap opera by writer and longtime RivalCast community member VelvetDove.

This is a big step for me. This is totally not something that comes natural for me at all. Cyclone and I pledged to each other that we would be committed only to each other. This is the first time ever in my life has a guy said they wanted to be with just me and wanted me to be with just them. I mean with how horrible my children have been lately, especially towards Cyclone. I mean if he's still willing to want to be with me, even with my families hostility. All I can do is just think about how much I love Cyclone and want to spend all my time with him. I knew this feeling would carry me on as I finished my portrait of him. I could not wait to call him and tell him that I finally finished it. I was so proud of my work. I definitely was no prepared for what I heard when I called his house.

Just when I finally find someone who I'm willing to spend the rest of my life with, he passes away.

Sure, I knew he was a lot older than I was but, I would of never expected he was old enough to just pass away. Sometimes I think I'm just fated to be alone for the rest of my life. I mean, I've never really wanted to be solely with one person. I've always been rather, well they're there, kind of mentality. Cyclone was the first person I actually looked at and felt like, okay I want him around for the rest of my life. Maybe I've never felt that way because I already know I will never have anyone spending time with just me.

Since I've finally decided maybe my life needs to be all about me. Besides, my being just in shock from finding out about Cyclone. I felt like something was missing from my life, from my whole being. I just wanted to spend time alone. I needed to be by myself. I started running. Sure, maybe I could finally lose weight, and that may change my life, but I just needed to be out of my head, I needed to stop thinking about Cyclone and how much I was missing him. I am definitely going to try and change my life. I need to do something just for me. i'm not really sure I'll keep up on this new hobby, but for right now, it's what's making me happy. I mean I can't even think about picking up my paint brush right now, because it just makes me sad, remembering the painting of Cyclone. I need to have something to keep my mind off him and myself.

Is it wrong for a mother to hate her children? Okay, I may not HATE my children, but I look at them and wonder what I did wrong, what is wrong with them. Besides them being selfish and rude all the time. Any time I have a friend over, they disrespect, and are horribly rude. It's like they don't want me even talking to anyone at all. I mean, I understand if they think they want me and their father together, that I understand. But really, when I've had just friends over to sit and talk, they're horrible. I mean really, when people have just been sitting and talking, just as friends, they're rude and try to chase them out of the house. I don't understand how they ended up being so horrible. I mean, they're practically worthless, really. One of them decided they would try to use the grill in the back yard and actually almost burnt the house down. I don't know what they can do at all.

I always thought I was doing good by my kids, and being a better mother than mine was. I mean my mother was rarely around. She was either sleeping or working. We were raised by ourselves and grandparents. So, I was determined to be a better mother and pay attention to my kids and be hands on. Now I look at them and they're so horribly spoiled and selfish. They're getting closer to graduation and they have no interest in doing anything. I will be so surprised if they ever get off the couch to add to anything in the society or this family. I don't know where I failed. Maybe it's just me, and I'm not meant for good things. Including my children. Although that is just strictly talking about the two oldest, there still might be hope for Kevin to be something.
Where did I go wrong?

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