Sims Saturday: Old Friends, New Happiness
Ever wonder what the Sims will do left to their own devices? See the story of a young couple unfold right before your eyes.

Welcome to Sims Saturday, a Sims soap opera by writer and longtime RivalCast community member VelvetDove.

I've been spending a lot of time at the alchemy supply shop. I need to practice my potion making, always. Besides, it actually bringing in a decent amount of money. It's amazing what some of the potions you can create can do. I have healed a few people of random maladies they had. I know I shouldn't of manipulated things, but it was interesting to see. I had some woman come in while I was reading and she was just rude and disrespectful. So, just because I could, I reached into my bag and threw a friendship potion at her. I had never seen a potion actually in use for that sort of thing. I have seen the potions heal people, but the whole changing mood and things like that, I've never seen happen in person. I half expected those sort of things to be just something made up to sell a book. "This will win you the love of your life" and you make the potion and nothing happens, and if you contact the maker, they will just say "That person was not the love of your life", sort of excuse. I know we get a bad rap in things, because we can change those sorts of things, but I never truly believed it would work.

It was amazing how quickly this woman's disposition changed and she was friendly and wanting to be best friends. I cannot believe the power I actually possess with my "silly potion making". I never really got respect from my family about the things I've done. There are so many possibilities out there now. I still am choosing to make the world and better place and try to heal people with my skill. But it definitely makes me feel a little bit more empowered to know that I can actually do other things if I so choose to. Just knowing I have that power is amazing!

It was kind of weird, running into Cyclone at the store. I never knew he was interested in anything like that. Which when I asked him what brought him there, he just smiled and said he was coming by to try and find me, because he missed me. I don't know if that was the truth, but it definitely made me don't know. I wasn't completely heart broken by it at all. I mean, I did find out that he had a girlfriend he was dating, while he was dating me. People wonder why I have so many trust issues. I can't believe the things people actually do behind others backs. It's almost disgusting. So, I don't overly try to have contact with him. I knew when Cyclone and I were seeing each other before, he was honest and he let me know he actually had a girl he was seeing at that time too. If he was honest and open about it, it didn't bother me. I never wanted anything serious from him anyways. I liked his honesty. So, when we ran into each other at the store, I was shocked and surprised. He came there just to run into me? I only half believed that, but he insisted that was the truth. I had no reason not to believe him. We started talking again. I told him about Kevin and Marshall. He told me he had broken up with his girlfriend, that things just didn't work out right. It was nice catching up with him, for sure feel special. After the baby was born, Marshall kind of disappeared. Maybe it's just what guys do in his family, I don't really care. If they don't want to be a part of their children's lives, I will not forced them, and I don't really care. I only semi cared before, but that was just strictly for the kids sake, now they're old enough to actually so what they want and if they want a relationship with their father, they can call him and build it. Catching up with Cyclone was amazing! It felt like definitely I had my best friend back. It was like we never lost contact with each other.

Cyclone and I actually became really serious, which was really weird for me. We pledged to be completely faithful to each other, which that part was completely new to me. No one had ever brought that up to me before, not that I wasn't, but to have this whole verbal commitment, it was scary and
weird and exciting and all kinds of crazy emotions, besides falling head over heels in love with him. I had never felt that head over heels for someone before in my life. I actually thought about, and we discussed having children together.

With my other pregnancies, it was just sort of a "Well this happened" sort of deal. With Cyclone, I seriously looked at him and thought, he would be a great father. I would love to have children with him. Of course it was odd bringing him back into the house again. I have to say, Judith and Roger were still not polite to him in the slightest. They kept making comment how Cyclone was rude and shouldn't be allowed in the house, but when I'd ask why, they would never have any more details, so they were just making it up, because of some reason they didn't want to actually say. I would of thought they would of been a little bit more mature or something and not be so judgmental now that they're older. But, no, they're still rude. I'm just so happy that Cyclone was understanding with it all and he didn't let their attitude change anything between us. He was even okay with us having to sneak into the bathroom to spend more "intimate" time together. I mean, we couldn't even hug or kiss in the house without someone making a comment or a face. It made me kind of sad, because Cyclone made me so happy.

It had really been a long time, since I had been inspired for painting. I felt joy and happiness and I wanted to keep it forever. I loved staring at Cyclone's face and seeing all the lines and the shapes. I could stare at it forever. So, it was no surprise that that was what I chose to actually paint. The best part about it, I think, was that when I asked him if I could paint him, he didn't think it was weird or look at me funny. He was immediately willing to go out and pose for me. He definitely is the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life. I am totally in love with him. He put a spark back in my life that I haven't had in such a long time. I didn't even think it was real anymore, or ever possible.
My masterpiece!

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