The Fireside Tales
The Fireside Tales - Chapter Five
Mar 18th 2015
Chapter Five: Monster In the Closet
“The sun rising is a chance for new choices, new opportunities, and new problems. Embrace the new day, but always be cautious. For fate will not leave the victims of her game alone.â€
Valtyra awoke to the bright burning of the noonday sun. The bed next to her was still occupied by the small form of Bubnug breathing, his chest slowly rising and falling rhythmically. She smiled and stretched, letting out a small yawn before getting out of bed. The half elf was buckling the final strap of her weapons when Bubnug sat up, looking around blearily.
The Fireside Tales - Chapter Four
Mar 4th 2015
Chapter Four: The Desecrated Vault
“The result of a goblin raid is almost never good. They burn buildings. They kill animals. They wreak havoc on food storages. But they are all cowards. Unless they take mellowroot, they will run when they realize how precarious their situation is. So, if you are attacked, let them know that you are the bigger force and in control. And if they do damage, make sure that you respond in such a way that they will never bother you again.â€
It was a rough day for the citizens of Sandpoint. Goblin corpses were scattered all over Sandpoint’s town square and the north gate, but the people could breathe a sigh of relief that none of the citizens died, and that those with serious injuries would keep living. Those that could work started making fires and throwing the corpses into them letting the purification of the flames flow over the tainted creatures. The sun rose back into the sky onto fires still burning, and citizens started to walk back home, praising the new “heroes of Sandpoint†as they passed.
The Fireside Tales - Chapter Three
Feb 18th 2015
Chapter Three: Die Dog, Die!
“Scholars have never gotten the answer to why goblins hate dogs with such passion. Some think that it is hardwired in their brains, like a dog’s desire to chase cats. Others say that it might be related to the fact that goblins have rodent-like creatures called â€~goblin dogs,’ saying that goblins may think that dogs are pale imitations of the goblin dog. They could just be driven by fear to hate dogs. Whatever the reason, if goblins are attacking, they will go for dogs before any human.â€
The three companions arrived at the north gate to see that the battle had indeed moved here. Guards were all over fending off the lunatic goblins at the edges of the area and nearby buildings were starting to catch on fire. However, there was no one at the actual gate except for a mounted goblin, a cowering noble, and a dog.
The Fireside Tales - Chapter Two
Feb 4th 2015
Chapter Two: Goblin Raid
“Goblins are small creatures that love only a few things in life: fire, food, singing and raiding. Though they are generally unintelligent, they are still dangerous for the fact that they can hide in ways that we still have yet to figure out, and that they have no care for what or who they kill. Their hatred of dogs and horses are evident in their behavior. They live in tribes, but never seem to work together.â€
Valtyra pulled her rapier out of its sheath as a small creature ran right by her and tackled a dog to the ground. She turned away so she could not see the blade move across the dog's skin. Where her head ended up looking showed her little promise for the survival of Sandpoint: she stared right at a line of goblins running toward the square from a covered wagon down High Street to the south. They numbered in the multiple dozens and they were all screaming and yelling in pure joy as the half-elf started hearing what could only barely be considered a song from all sides.
The Fireside Tales - Chapter One
Jan 21st 2015
Chapter One: The Swallowtail Festival
“For five years, the faithful of Sandpoint have attended church in temporary structures erected after a fire destroyed the previous temple. The Late Unpleasantness took from the people of Sandpoint friends, family, and possibly, their hope. However, they have stayed, despite the physical and emotional anguish, and they have kept their faith as a new temple was built. Five years after The Late Unpleasantness and the citizens of Sandpoint’s faith was rewarded as the new temple, built to worship many gods, was completed. And now a festival was organized to consecrate the new temple.â€
Valtyra ran these thoughts through her mind as she sat on the bench near a food vendor. She watched as more and more people arrived to the small town of Sandpoint, joyous and excited for the festival. The half-elf looked up at the building across the square from her.