The Fireside Tales
The Fireside Tales - Chapter Sixteen
Aug 21st 2015
Chapter Sixteen: Trust Issues
“â€~Do you think anyone appreciates what you do? No one does. They do not know what you did or what choices you had to make. And so when something bad happens they blame you.’ â€~Lies!’ â€~Just wait,’ he said, â€~When they march with torches and blades to kill you, you will know that I was right.’â€
It took them a couple of hours to return to Sandpoint as their large mass slowed them down significantly. Waiting at the gate of Sandpoint was Mayor Deverin, Shalelu and Shayliss. Once the group was visible, Shayliss ran up to meet Valtyra halfway but halted when she noticed the goblin squad. Valtyra dismounted and walked to the woman while Lotho led the group away. The two women hugged and Shayliss asked, “What is going on?â€
The Fireside Tales - Chapter Fifteen
Aug 7th 2015
Chapter Fifteen: Aftermath
“As the fight ends, as the last body to fall hits the dirt, there are those who ask if the fight was needed. But they are usually quieted by those who have not thought about or interacted with the other side. The historians are already recording their glorious victory after all.â€
The Fireside Tales - Chapter Fourteen
Jul 22nd 2015
Chapter Fourteen: Battle of Thistletop
“â€~You do not know what war is,’ he said, â€~War is not senseless fighting. Nor is it meaningful. War is simply trying to figure out which side is more convicted to their side of the story. The losing side not only lose the fight, but lose their story.’â€
Bubnug slid what was left of the rapier in his belt and tightened his grip on the sword cane. With a wave of his hand, he led the others into the war room, with those he led looking on with slightly amused glances. They all noticed, when they entered the room, that a section of the opposite wall was now gone. Instead, there was just a set of stairs that led downward into darkness. Drawing his blade again, Bubnug started down the stairs.
The Fireside Tales - Chapter Thirteen
Jul 8th 2015
Chapter Thirteen: Passion and Rage
“No one knows what will trigger a passionate reaction from someone. But know that once they start, they will never stop.â€
Alicia was already on the move as the woman spoke. She drew her bow, nocked an arrow, and released. The arrow shot forward and managed to sink into the woman’s wrist, causing her to let go of the torch in her hand. A growl came out of the woman as the torch clattered to the floor and she grabbed Amieko’s wrist.
The Fireside Tales - Chapter Twelve
Jun 24th 2015
Chapter Twelve: Thistletop
“Let them have it, my brothers and sisters! Give them no quarter, for no quarter would they give you!â€
It took about an hour for Alicia and Bubnug to arrive on Alicia’s steed. Valtyra was still brooding against her tree and Lotho decided to take a small nap on the opposite side of the same tree. He awoke at the sound of the horse’s hooves and made his way towards the group.
The Fireside Tales - Chapter Eleven
Jun 10th 2015
Chapter Eleven: Glass and Wrath
“The arrows have flown, swords have been drawn. Yet they just keep staring at each other. Like two cats, waiting for someone to make the first move.â€
The whole town was quiet as the four heroes rushed to the glassworks. The huge building was silhouetted by the sun which made finding a doorway difficult. Valtyra tried to open the first door they found, but it was locked. Lotho tried the next one, but he could not get it open either. Alicia went around the whole building only to discover that none of the other doors would budge.
The Fireside Tales - Chapter Ten
May 27th 2015
Chapter Ten: The Missing Barkeep
“It’s soon time to strike! Get the weapons ready! Get into battle positions! We go to war!â€
Valtyra laid awake that night, flipping and tumbling one of her daggers between her fingers. She could not stop thinking about what Shalelu told them during dinner.
The Fireside Tales - Chapter Eight
Apr 29th 2015
Chapter Eight: Trouble at the Rusty Dragon
“â€~Let them drink and eat themselves silly!’ Adra said to the Twisted Sister, â€~For they deserve their merriment!’â€
It took Lotho and Alicia about fifteen minutes to calm down. During that time, the noises from the bottom floor continued to grow louder and louder until it could be heard through the floorboards of the room. Valtyra, once Lotho and Alicia quieted, got up, removed her equipment and headed down to the eating room. She heard the patter of Bubnug’s footsteps behind her.
The Fireside Tales - Chapter Seven
Apr 16th 2015
HA! YES! I keep telling people life gets more awesome at 30 - go Valtyra!
The Fireside Tales - Chapter Six
Apr 1st 2015
Chapter Six: The Hunt
"Secrets are wonderful things. They are the information that we keep within ourselves, locked away from everyone else unless we willingly unlock them. Yet they always seem to do more harm than good."
Valtyra took a seat at the table where she was sitting only a short while ago and sighed. The others followed suit and the group was quiet for a few minutes. Aldern broke the silence with, “Come on! We can’t sit around moping all day! Let’s go on that hunting trip!â€