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The Fireside Tales
The Fireside Tales - Chapter Nine
Feb 12th 2016
Chapter Nine: Grim News from Mosswood
"The eye of the storm has passed. Now you must face the other side of the hurricane. Some say that the other side is worse than the beginning. Will you survive?"
Valtyra woke up with a monstrous headache. The sunlight streaming from the open window next to her did not help things in the slightest. She had not even opened her eyes yet, and she felt as if she was in Hell.
The Fireside Tales - Chapter Twenty-Seven
Jan 22nd 2016
Chapter Twenty-Seven: The First Floor
"You never know what memories will be pulled out of your head. Will you be ready to face the past you left behind? What about the present?"
With the click of the doors' latches shutting together, the inside of the manor became uncomfortably quiet. The only sounds that could be heard were the creaks and groans of the house settling on its supports and foundations. Looking around, Valtyra could see the wood of the walls waterlogged and molded severely. Moldering trophies hung on the wall in front of her and to her left: a boar, a bear, a firepelt cougar whose pelt looked similar to Bubnug's cloak, and a stag. But they were not as impressive as the monster on display in the center of the room. On a raised platform, a twelve-foot-long creature crouched. It had the body of a lion, a scorpion's tail with dozens of razor barbs, huge bat-like wings, and a deformed humanoid face.
The Fireside Tales - Chapter Twenty-Six
Jan 8th 2016
Chapter Twenty-Six: Misgivings
"You're about to put the pieces together, but are you right? If not, lives could be in danger. One mistake could end it. Are you ready to accept that?"
Valtyra entered the inn room and found her companions setting items, weapons, and other objects on her bed. There was not much there, though. Only an iron key with some kind of heraldic symbol of a flower surrounded by thorns, and a wooden coffer which, when opened, held leather pouches stuffed with money and a sheet of bloodstained parchment. Lotho immediately put the money aside, muttering to himself about giving it to Mayor Deverin. Valtyra was about to ask if that was it, but Lotho turned around and started arranging the clues they found previously on the bed as well.
The Fireside Tales - Chapter Twenty-Five
Dec 25th 2015
Chapter Twenty-Five: Recovery
"You have taken up blades again? Well done, soldier!"
Shayliss opened her eyes at the sound of the dawn bell's ring. She looked next to her on the bed, but found the spot empty and the rapiers she gave Valtyra yesterday were gone as well. Rising to a sitting position and letting the sheets cover her body, she thought back on the previous night.
The Fireside Tales - Chapter Twenty-Four
Dec 11th 2015
Chapter Twenty-Four: ...and Return
"...Yet it can be recovered from. No, not immediately and no, not completely. But it will fade, and you will learn from that pain. Child, pain's a part of growing up. Without it, you will never learn. Never grow into the person you need to be."
Valtyra woke up in the bed and took a look around the room. Alicia was leaning against the wall, arms crossed, and within clear sight of the door. Her eyes were closed, so Valtyra wondered if the woman was more perceptive than she thought. Perceptive enough to rely only on her hearing when playing the guardian role? She knew that the archer was a skilled fighter and had a mind to match, so it was not too much of a stretch. Then she wondered why she was wondering about that. Maybe her mind was not quite together yet.
The Fireside Tales - Chapter Twenty-Three
Nov 27th 2015
Chapter Twenty-Three: Switch...
"Pain is one concept that we all know but cannot understand. There are many kinds of pain. Some which people love, some which people cannot come to terms with, and some that people avoid like the plague..."
Valtyra woke up and immediately felt her muscles complain. She tried to rise, but her head flared and she fell back down onto the pillow.
The Fireside Tales - Chapter Twenty-Two
Nov 13th 2015
Chapter Twenty-Two: Grayst Sevilla
"Everyone believes that the undead are weak, slow creatures that are only interested in brains. I dare you to met a ghoul one day and think that same thing. Assuming you survive, that is."
The green form of Bubnug flew across Valtyra's vision and crashed into Sevilla. Both slammed against a bookshelf and fell to the ground, struggling against each other. Valtyra turned away from them and yelled at the tiefling, "Get him out of here!"
The Fireside Tales - Chapter Twenty-One
Oct 30th 2015
Chapter Twenty-One: The Sanatorium
"'What do you think I am doing to them, sir? Helping them? Making sure that they will live healthy lives? Fluffing their pillows and telling them a bedtime story? No. I am a scientist. If I tell them anything, it is that they are a subject, a pawn, someone that will give me answers, willing or not.'"
Alicia was walking out of Sandpoint's Garrison as Valtyra and Bubnug rode through the North Gate, "The fourth man is Grayst Sevilla. He is currently at Habe's Sanatorium."
The Fireside Tales - Chapter Twenty
Oct 16th 2015
Chapter Twenty: The Abandoned Barn
"Death is a smell you can never forget nor ever get used to. It is not only a physical smell either, but a smell that grates on the mind and soul."
Valtyra walked into The Rusty Dragon with Bubnug to find Alicia talking to the sheriff.
The Fireside Tales - Chapter Nineteen
Oct 2nd 2015
Chapter Nineteen: Ibor Thorn and Vin Vinder
"Knowing has always been the first part of understanding. But can you understand when all you hear is bias?"
The group walked through the woods to return to town. Occasionally they were asked by the onlookers what had happened, but they only shook their heads and said nothing. When they did return, the town was active despite the late hour and people looked out their windows at the Heroes of Sandpoint as they passed.