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The Fireside Tales
The Fireside Tales - Chapter Forty
Jul 22nd 2016
Chapter Forty: Faceless Stalkers
"When you are fighting a creature that can change its face, keep your head. Even if they do not change, you could make them do so in your mind."
Valtyra was on the move as soon as she saw the creatures rush at her. Instead of stepping backward, like any sane person would do, she ducked down and kicked herself forward with blades angled downward and almost touching wood. The creatures sailed above her, and each of them swiped at her with their claws, but their elongated limbs did not give them the room they needed to land an attack. Sounds of inhuman screams ripped through her senses and she turned back to see that Bubnug thrust his blazing blade into the fake-Aldern's chest. Valtyra figured that it was the fire that did more damage than the blade itself, but the stab did its job as the creature landed awkwardly.
The Fireside Tales - Chapter Thirty-Nine
Jul 8th 2016
Chapter Thirty-Nine: Mistrust
"It is amazing what the slightest mistrust can do."
'Aldern' did not seem phased by the two rapiers pointed at various people in the room. In fact, he smiled at Valtyra as she shifted one of her rapiers from Alicia to Aldern.
The Fireside Tales - Chapter Thirty-Eight
Jun 24th 2016
Chapter Thirty-Eight: Pleasantries
"'I have always hated social parties.' 'Why?' the squire asked. 'Because one has to follow specific rules. Specific customs. I'd rather just say as I wish.'"
The room Valtyra entered was a dining room. An oval table was placed in the center of the room and ran parallel to the long walls on the left and right. Six chairs made of expensive wood with elegant decorations carved in surrounded the table and two candleholders sat at the center. Tea cups were already placed at four of the seats and the woman who invited them in was setting out two more. Bookshelves lined each wall that did not hold a door and was full top to bottom with books of various sizes, colors and lengths. On the floor was a red and gold rug which did not completely cover the expensive hardwood underneath.
The Fireside Tales - Chapter Thirty-Seven
Jun 10th 2016
Chapter Thirty-Seven: The Foxglove Townhouse
"Never take what you see at face value."
The four heroes spent the next three hours talking with guards and citizens and looking at maps to figure out where Aldern's townhouse was in Magnimar. Apparently, it was not a place that people liked to talk about. They said that there was a certain energy surrounding it that seemed sinister, yet no one dared investigate. Especially since it had been uninhabited for the past two or so weeks. Fortunately, though, they found a homeless man who was willing to lead them to the building in question. For a couple of coins, of course.
The Fireside Tales - Chapter Thirty-Six
May 27th 2016
Chapter Thirty-Six: Entering Magnimar
"Well... that's one way to deal with annoyances."
It was two days until the heroes were ready to head for Magnimar. Tension only rose between Valtyra and Alicia during those two days and Bubnug had to stand as mediator as well as leading the goblin army. Lotho was bedridden and was usually cared for by Shayliss and Father Zantus. When he was finally able to move around, he took Bubnug's job as a mediator and helped calm the two women down.
The Fireside Tales - Chapter Thirty-Five
May 13th 2016
Chapter Thirty-Five: The Next Job
"Are you ready for your next task? The work never ends."
Bubnug took a small step back and his face twisted in nervousness. Valtyra did not think he would know what those titles meant, but he knew the weight behind them. The man in front of them was a powerful man indeed, leading the City of Monuments, Magnimar. The stories of this man, though, were not flattering ones. The poor being ignored and murders remaining uninvestigated. There was only one reason for being here in Valtyra's eyes: He did not want to get his hands dirty.
The Fireside Tales - Chapter Thirty-Four
Apr 29th 2016
Chapter Thirty-Four: Return
"Everyone knows when the heroes return."
The trip from the manor was one of the worst things Valtyra ever experienced. Every step Shadowshine made sent a jolt of pain through her entire body up to her nose which would then send even stronger jolts of pain right back down. It was a never-ending cycle of agony that threatened to knock her out, yet she persevered until they arrived at the outskirts of Sandpoint. There, she found that a crowd had formed around the gate. A crowd that consisted of every single citizen of the town.
The Fireside Tales - Chapter Thirty-Three
Apr 15th 2016
Chapter Thirty-Three: Collapse
"Everything that rises must fall. No matter what. People understand that. They complain, though, when it becomes too inconvenient for the subject to fall at that time."
The four heroes ran out to the underground pond and saw that despite the fact that the shaking only started seconds ago, the pond was almost completely full of rocks. Lotho and Alicia started running around the pond which was by far the safer route. However, Valtyra and Bubnug started hopping from rock to rock across the pond. The rocks were slippery and Valtyra almost fell a couple of times, but managed to get back to her feet to continue.
The Fireside Tales - Chapter Thirty-Two
Apr 1st 2016
Chapter Thirty-Two: Underground Battle
"At least if you die here, you won't have far to go."
The two rapiers met only air as the ghoul twisted to the side. As the ghoul dodged, it swung its razor blade down towards Valtyra's head. She crouched down to avoid the blade and tried to counter, but the ghoul was already gone. It was already halfway across the cavern and heading straight for Alicia, still in the tunnel. Valtyra could feel the rage building up as the creature dared to ignore her.
The Fireside Tales - Chapter Thirty-One
Mar 18th 2016
Chapter Thirty-One: Six-Feet-Deep Revenge
"They say that one will need to dig two graves for revenge. I say bull."
Before the group could cover up their noses to the smell, a form appeared as it flew towards them. Valtyra ducked and felt the air rush past her from the speed of the form. The splash of water sounded from behind her and she felt water droplets hit her back. Taking that as a declaration of war, she charged forward. The horrible smell grew stronger as she moved, but she hardly paid attention as she entered the fray already in progress.